Post-Pandemic Businesses: What Is The New Normal in 2020 and Beyond?

The coronavirus has unleashed an altogether different experience of the apocalypse on the world. While everything seemed dystopian in the beginning, things are returning to normalcy now. But, even with this, new processes are taking shape and finding their existence in our lives.

Our entire lives have been transformed due to the pandemic. Be it our eating habits, travel, and commutation. Working, exercising, learning, and education, everything has taken a backshift. We are no longer taking physical moves to get a task done. Thanks to the Internet, most of the activities are now possible with the help of big data analytics services digital mediums.

In other words, the pandemic has brought us a lot closer to ourselves. While we were too involved in going places and accomplishing things, it has shed light on the fact that nature is in fact the strongest force. As a result of this, our industries are transforming and adjusting to the new normal.

What is the New Normal?

Now you might ask what is the new normal in the existing COVID era. Moreover, it is also wise to wonder how our lives will change post the pandemic. But, thanks to the technological revolution, growing digitization, and more, we are able to do things better than before.

In other words, we are adapting well to the pandemic and making shafts in our existing processes to create all the difference. Be it any segment of the economy, we are coming up with ways to keep a check on the pandemic while not losing out on the essential business tasks.

Some things that businesses and enterprises all over the world have to take care of in times of the pandemic are social distancing, avoiding touch at all costs along with regular hygiene checks. While this cannot entirely guarantee that the pandemic will not spread and come to a halt, it will at least ensure that it is reduced to a minimum. 

Corporate Scenario

The new normal will therefore be a carefully planned set of strategies that incorporate these factors in each and every segment of life. Every industry will be complying with the new norms and continuing the business as usual. For example, the corporate world has already shifted to the work from home atmosphere.

In other words, just when the coronavirus outbreak started, offices asked their employees to shift to a work from home structure. In fact, many businesses have asked their employees to work from their homes for the entire year.

They have also allocated separate funds to ensure that employees are able to shift to a work environment more seamlessly. Therefore, they are providing them with funds to set up their workstation and purchase the necessary infrastructure required for the task.

Apart from this, all the physical meetings are being replaced by virtual meetings for every cause. In other words, apps like Zoom, Google Meets, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and others are becoming excessively popular among the customers. People are discussing ideas, work reports, and other businesses via these platforms effortlessly.

Similarly, when it comes to collaboration, there are other technological tools that are aiding the process. Slack, Donut, Icebreaker are some of the apps that are helping seamless collaboration over instant messaging mediums and making employees realize the importance of technology.

Apps are also replacing the quintessential water cooler conversations and coffee breaks that people usually had in physical office spaces. They are now catching up on chats and continuing their discussions there and over video calls. In fact, apps like Donut help pair two random colleagues from the team for a meeting or a casual chat, so that they gel up and become familiar.

The idea is that working from a remote environment can become a little difficult for your employees, It can impact their mental health as well as other factors such as productivity. Therefore, to ensure business success and keep employees connected to work, leaders are asking them to engage in digital mediums. There are also apps that remind you of a colleague’s performance if they are doing well, so that everybody gets a token of appreciation, no matter how small the achievement.

eCommerce Scenario

Similarly, when it comes to eCommerce, organizations are now shifting to a more contactless delivery option. Since customers don’t want to rush into physical stores right now, they can in fact prefer to shop online. 

This means that they are looking for a contactless shopping process. Since online commerce involves all the experiences sans the physical touch, it works well in the times of the pandemic. As a result, businesses and customers are engaging on multiple platforms to shop for products.

Brands are coming up with contactless delivery options, facilitating deliveries at the doorsteps of the customers, without ringing a bell, or asking them to sign anywhere. Additionally, payments are being done online and simplifying the process. As a result of this, the customer is receiving the product online and enjoying a great shopping experience without the risk of being infected by an in-store agent or queue.

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