Portable wind turbine WindPal charges your gadgets when you are off-grid

Are you looking to power your gadgets during the outdoor camping or other activities? Perhaps, you might like a lightweight backpack portable wind turbine, also a ready-to-use off-grid power solution.
Wind is definitely a wonderful off-grid power source. It gives you energy all the time around. Yes, if there is wind, you sure get power from a wind generator.
Many people face draining of gadgets or even power banks during longer trips and this demands a sustainable energy solution that works on naturally available resource, i.e. wind.

Windpal Installation Guide

WindPal During Operation
Now, you don’t have to worry about powering your electronic devices anymore. A portable vertical axis wind turbine ‘WindPal’ is a cool way you can go with. 
All you need to do is to unbox the pack, assemble and mount it somewhere with winds. Quickly, it starts to produce energy. You can connect WindPal to any device with normal USB-port. All you need is stick your cable into the USB-port and you are ready to go. 
Images credit: WindPal
Charge your small devices such as smartphones, power banks, tablets, cameras, LED-lights or GPS-devices off-grid and feel the excitement of producing your own sustainable energy.
The creators of WindPal, Jouni Kukkonen, Jussi Toivonen and Janne Papunen want to bring the power of the wind to everyone and anywhere. The energy generator helps you to do this in a fun, do-it-yourself way while charging your devices. 
It fits in the bag of any backpacker, hiker, a climber who wants to produce their own personal energy that leaves a cleaner environment for our children. 
The output of WindPal – 5V 1A and charging starts 3,5 m/s, depends on many factors like cable, device, battery, wind speed etc. The generator and Sail weigh only 525 g and 341 g respectively. The packed dimension of the generator is 129mm x diameter 64mm and Sail 231mm x 115mm x 45mm.
The WindPal is currently live in Indiegogo with a goal 10,000€ fundraising along with four attractive perks. For every 15 backers, they will provide one WindPal to a developing country through a charity partner. 

If you are lucky, you may spend a long weekend with the creators of WindPal in Lapland that includes accommodation for 3 nights, transportation in Finland and food & drinks.


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