A Portable Charcoal UNA Grill Brings You the Joy of Grilling Anytime, Anywhere!

The issue with many portable grills is that they can’t produce a good, high grilling temperature and doesn’t serve the purpose of outdoor cooking.  

Compact, portability and reliable are important aspects of any cooking grill during your stay at many remote areas away from the urban jungle.  

If you’re a fan of the fire-licked flavor, now an entrepreneurial Sherif, the founder of a portable charcoal grill ‘UNA Grill’ which gives taste quite like the mouth-watering smoky goodness of a traditional charcoal.  

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Images credit: UNA Grill  

It built to accompany you on all grilling adventures; these sleek, simple, and durable tabletop grills enables you to cook your favorite foods, a taste of home while you are on go!  

If you are in the market for a sleek grill you can pack away until you need it, this is a product you should be looking at.  

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There is an interesting story behind this invention. Sherif got inspiration for creating a UNA grill when his father visited his brother in Ivory Coast and decided to celebrate an occasion with barbecue.   

Since there was no grill available to cook; his father immediately developed his own Do-It-Yourself grill! Due to grilling on the table, the table-top was scorched and ruined.  

His father, after that incident, decided to do something which will avoid the damage in the future. After many trials and errors, a prototype of UNA Grill was made!   

The features of UNA grill include a compact storage, simple to set up, skewer position, 2 grill heights and easy to clean.


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