Portable and Compact Sauoki S270 Solar Charging Station for Adventurers

Are you looking for a reliable backup power source during your hunting or camping trips or need an emergency power source for your home?
This is one of the major challenge people face at the time of urgent requirement. There are lots of products on the market now days touting themselves as solar generators can be charged using solar panels. 
Solar energy, nature’s free energy source is called the energy of the future and now Suaoki aims you to enjoy its unlimited benefits.
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Its latest invention ‘Suaoki S270’ is a portable charging station and a solar generator packed with unmatched features charges your gadgets anytime anywhere!
This isn’t to say they aren’t worthwhile. After all, when you’re deep in the woods the options for power are obviously quite limited.
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Images source: Indiegogo
But before you drop your hard earned cash on a $289 piece of equipment let’s make sure you clearly understand what you’re getting.
The Suaoki’s solar panels and solar chargers go the extra mile, increasing efficiency up to +25%, more than the average of common solar panel chargers. 
The traditional power bank can be a little heavy and they generally don’t have lift handles makes it hard to grab hold of, while S270 has a stylish lift handles for easy transport and you can easily carry it around with one hand.
It has a large 150Wh battery capacity, Max 150W AC / 15A DC, one fast charge USB port, 3 USB ports, and one solar power input (MC4). 
It can charge a range of electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, small home appliances and more. You can also power multiple USB devices simultaneously!
The cutting-edge features like the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology that optimizes the match between the solar array of 60W (PV panels) and the battery bank. 
It comes with an integrated bright torch that can be used during an emergency. It has two modes: you can keep the light on for illumination or use a flashing light to send signals.
The company plans to start shipping for Suaoki S270 on 30th November this year with no extra shipping fee. 


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