Use Plastic Pots to Grow Different Types of Plants

The pots are available in different types and if you are interested in growing plants, then you can go plastic pots because they are affordable and come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The greatest advantage of using these pots is that they are light weight and can be easily moved. If you want additional drainage, extra holes can be drilled.

Plastic Planter

Benefits of plastic planter

  • The plastic planter coordinates with the interior and exterior of the house as they are available in almost every color. They are also strong and flexible.
  • Unlike clay, plastic planter does not have the wicking action. Hence, they are an excellent choice for moisture loving plants and for those gardeners who water their plants infrequently.
  • The plastic planter is made of inert materials and so they are considered safe to grow plants. There are many that are made of recyclable plastic, so the disposal is environment friendly.
  • The plastic planter has thinner walls in comparison to clay ones, so the roots are hardly affected due to change in temperature. The black plastic that is used acts like a solar collector so that plants can get proper heat.
  • If the pots are dark in color, then you must make sure that the plants are watered regularly and that they are moved to a shadier location. In such places building up heat is not a problem.
  • Since sunlight can become hard on plastics, the plastic pots that are intended for outdoors are treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors. This reduces fading and maintains flexibility. In this way the life span of the pot is increased.
  • The plastic planter is not like the stainless steel that will rust and so they last longer. Hence there are many gardeners who prefer these pots. Since they are cheap and can also be easily replaced if needed.
  • It is also the perfect choice for indoor gardening as it does not create a mess. If you compare it with other materials, then plastic is available in various designs. Hence you can say that it is advantageous in both form and function.
  • You can easily find these pots in markets for sale. The lifestyle stores too have different varieties of plastic planter. You can also find them online. You will find that the plastic bulb flower pots are wide but shallow. These pots will allow plants that have shallow roots to grow well. The ones that have square shape will be good to hold large amount of soil.
  • Even though they are made of plastic, the finish is almost like authentic terracotta. So you will get a combination of both durability and the beauty of terracotta in plastic pots. You will also find pots that are in the shape of an urn which adds a traditional look to the pots.
  • The plastic planter is also available in hanging variety to create hanging gardens.
Plastic Planter

The decorative varieties and unique finishes of the plastic planter may cost you more than the ordinary ones. There is possibility to embellish these to resemble them for decorative purposes. If you have a creative mind, then you can easily create textures on the pots. 

This can be done with various tools like comb and paint to give varied designs. The pots can be given an earthy appearance by adding a ceramic embellishment.  Once you are aware of the advantages then, this is how you can transform the pots into masterpieces and enjoy gardening your own way.


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