6 Planet-Friendly Sustainable Gifts and Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is creeping up, so it’s time to start planning.

Father’s Day is a special day and where we can show them how much we love, care and appreciate them. It is an opportunity to celebrate and thank your Dad for being the loving, supportive and awesome Dad he is.

Unfortunately, for many people, this Father’s Day may be a little different from previous Father’s Days. If we can’t share the day with your Father, you can still bring a smile to their face, in a way Mother Earth would approve and appreciate.

This Father’s Day, give your Dad a planet-friendly gift that the environment will really appreciate. We’ve done the searching for you, and put together our favorite eco-friendly, planet-friendly gifts and ideas that will help your special man live a more sustainable life. The best part? They’re all priced under $30, so they won’t break the bank. Start planning, get shopping (sustainably) and brighten up your Dad’s face.

6 planet-friendly gift ideas for father’s day

Give your Dad an eco-friendly, sustainable gift that is kind to the environment. Our recommended gifts below are sustainable and will help make the world a better place.

1. Coconut Bowls

Does your Dad love to cook? Then he may just love these natural coconut bowls. Made from reclaimed coconut shells, they are a sustainable gift that won’t go to waste.

Coconut bowls by theotherstraw are a gift from nature. Their coconut bowls are ethically handcrafted from reclaimed coconut shells which otherwise would have been burned or sent to landfills, causing a major threat to our environment. Their coconut bowls are perfect for your Dad’s morning breakfast bowls, smoothie bowls or to take away with him on a boys camping trip.

theotherstraw donates 50% of their profits to ocean clean-ups, it’s a gift that gives back.

2. Reusable Coffee Cup

If your Dad is a coffee lover, then the huskee cup is a great planet-friendly gift idea for him. Single-use coffee cups that are often used for taking away coffees have a huge environmental impact. Most of these disposable coffee cups can not be recycled, so they end up polluting our landfills.

Reusable coffee cups are a great way to help your Dad reduce his carbon footprint.

The reusable coffee cups by Huskee are made from coffee husks that are sustainable, durable, non-toxic, a great eco-friendly gift for a coffee lover!

3. Eco Friendly Sunscreen

Does your Dad love to spend time outside or in the ocean? Then he may just love SunButter. They offer sustainable, planet-friendly, reef-safe sunscreen.

SunButter Sunscreen is high-performance sun protection made to be gentle on our skin and the planet, 100% vegan and cruelty-free aka all the goodness your Dad deserves. Their sunscreen is sent out carbon-neutral, plastic-free and in recycled packaging.

4. Compostable phone case

Now, every Dad needs a case for his phone right? The most common plastic phone cases pose a huge threat to our environment. Fortunately, compostable phone cases are a thing and a perfect planet-friendly gift idea for your Dad.

Pela, released the World’s first 100% compostable, eco-friendly iPhone and Android phone cases, made from real plants. They offer free shipping worldwide (plastic-free).

5. Embrace e-cards over greeting cards

Gift cards are a special way to convey your appreciation and love for your Dad. If you use paper cards, help reduce the environmental impact by using paperless e-cards. There are many free eCard sites available that allow you to get creative with your Dad’s favorite colors or fonts.

6. Gift an experience

If you are unable to meet up with your Dad, you can still commit to doing an experience or activity together in the near future.

Creating a fun, special experience with your Dad is probably one of the most memorable things you can do.

Below are some low impact, planet-friendly ideas we love for celebrating Father’s Day with your special man.

● Take your Dad away camping. If you know your Dad’s favorite spot, then why not take him camping for a weekend? Remember to pack all your eco-friendly camping gear.

● Take your Dad out for a picnic at the beach or in your local park. Make sure you bring a few bottles of his favorite beers, some cheese, and crackers.

● Take your Dad to a show or concert. Take him to see his favorite band or musician, I’m sure she will love it. Make sure you pack your reusables for snacks and use e-tickets (to save on the paper).

● Go visit a museum. Does your Dad love history or learning new things? Then take him out to a museum for the day to learn some new things together.

There you go, a few gift ideas to help you embrace a planet-friendly Father’s Day. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can make the day a memorable one.


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