Using Pinboards Effectively For Varied Uses

Pinboards or bulletin boards have varied uses in different areas. They can be used in various homes, offices and most commonly in the schoolroom. You can use these boards to display important notifications.  Set up your personal pinboard in your room where you can pin your very own to-do lists and reminders. If you create you can even decorate your pinboards with artwork or photographs, or nice quotations which will keep you inspired and motivated in life.

Creative Ideas For Using In Pinboards

1) Add a Border:

Borders are a great way to frame the pinboards. Paper edges are choppy, these borders can hide them efficiently. You can couple up borders which are complimentary for getting a matte look. You can use some colored papers for creating a bunchy border.

2) Transform 2D Pinboards into 3D:

If you are using pinboards in the classroom, you will need an extra degree of creativity. An element of dimension can help the designs look popped out to the surface. Firstly, fill it with content that is relevant to what is being taught in class. Textured bark, fringed glasses or tree branches can be used for creating the board.

3) Relate to your Audience:

When putting up a pinboard, you need to think about who will be viewing or reading what you put up there and plan your content accordingly it is an office, corporate news or articles and company notices will be of interest. If it is a school then, educational content is the best way to go. College pinboards often display examination or other significant notifications for the students.

4) New Use for Old Boards


You can refurbish old pinboardsby covering them with some colorful paper or giving them a coat of paint. You can even think of grouping a number of pinboards together to cover an entire wall and use that as a huge display. There is no end to the creative ideas you can use.

A Step-By-Step View Of Putting Up Pinboards:

You want your pinboards to be visible to your target audience and display information. Here is a step by step guide to create attractive pinboards.

  1. Identify the location where you want to put up pinboardsand select one which gives the maximum visibility.
  2. Make efforts moving the pinboards to strategic areas so that there is no boredom.
  3. Employ pinboard champions to manage the content.
  4. Add the right content and remember to periodically replace and recycle irrelevant or dated content from the pinboards.
  5. Keep checking at intervals to see whether the pinboards are fulfilling their purpose or not.
  6. When displaying content, select just a few strategic pinboards and put it up there. Based on the response, you can continue with other pinboards or change your game plan.

Out of all the means of public communications pinboards are perhaps the most efficient. Pinboards are a great way of disseminating information to a large group of people and as they are relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain, most people will like the idea of using pinboards. Initially, the task might appear to be time-consuming. However, with practice and some thoughts, you can display your creative side and decorate or arrange content on the pinboards in ways that people have never thought of before. This will incite interest in what you have up there on the board, and you will achieve your aim of getting people to read what you have pinned to the boards!

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