A Pilot Project of ElecRic Solar Powered Electric Auto-rickshaws Launched in Bangaluru city

Rickshaws are a part of life across much of Asia particularly in India for tourists and locals alike. However, the gasoline-powered versions of these three-wheeled vehicles are rarely environmentally friendly, creating smog and noise pollution. RJMS-EV, a private company that is into the manufacturing of electric vehicles and components has developed a new, electric rickshaw it hopes will improve environmental degradation and also save on fuel costs for drivers.   

It has a patent in its name for its innovation in switching a typical auto that runs on gas to a solar-run auto rickshaw. The rickshaw was launched officially in Bangaluru on Saturday.  

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(Image credit: TOI)

  If auto rickshaws in the city are blamed for polluting, here’s a simple solution to replace the diesel/gas consuming autos. ElecRic, as the name goes runs on solar power, emits nothing and cost Rs 2 lacs only.  

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Umesh Chandra, Director, RJMS-EV Pvt Ltd takes a test drive after the unveiling the first solar-powered electric auto-rickshaws, in Bangalore, India on 05 March 2016. (Image credit: EPA)  

Umesh Chandra, one of the directors of the company says, “This is a pilot project that we have to spend money for Rs 4 crores. The government is giving opportunities for entrepreneurs, the solar power sector and mobility providers. Two-stroke auto owners should be enabled to accommodate the technology in their autos to make the transition happen.”  

The company claims that the maintenance cost of a solar auto rickshaw will cost Re 1 per kilometre while it is Rs5 per km. ElecRic can go 110 km with five hours of charge if batteries are charged fully one time.   

Umesh suggested that if the government can create charging points underneath each metro station or at government offices and banks, there will be two benefits—accessibility to charging points will be easier for all types of electric vehicles, and secondly, metro commuters can hop off the stations and find an electric vehicle to get home.  

If solar power works out then traveling costs for passengers will also come down in India. The government should take steps to make to reduce the traveling cost for the general public.  

We need to know and promote these types of innovations and environment-friendly projects. All the necessary requirements should be met with the help of the government. We don’t need slogans or any political gain; we need just innovations for the betterment of people in India. (Source: TOI)


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