Personalized Workspace: Know the Importance

Every person has an individuality they want to manifest. People show special parts of their personality through clothes, accessories, hairstyles, music, workspace and many more. But when it comes to a job, where everyone is more or less equal, suppressing individuality is common. Having to wear a certain uniform or following a dress code, sitting in small box offices, and working fixed hours is not in favor of personalization.

No wonder why you see many gloomy faces every morning. They have to get up, wear clothes they may or may not like, and work for the company which is not allowing them to be who they are. In case you’re a business owner, try not to repeat these same mistakes. Employee’s happiness is directly caused by the pleasantness of their workspace. Besides that, a satisfied employee is a productive employee, so give them the chance to personalize their workspaces.

1. What is personalization?

Many companies restrict having personal and non-work-related items in the office. Why? Because they think that those items are only a distraction to the employees. In addition to that, they want to reduce the risk of theft and simply want their desks clean hoping to increase productivity. However, even if the average employee spends around 8 hours at the office, he’s productively working for only 3 hours. The rest of the time he’s probably staring at the wall, switching between internet browser tabs or looking at the funny animal pictures online.

That’s when personalization steps in. Personalization is the work rate boost. It allows employees to work in an environment that encourages creativity and willingness to get the job done. Besides that, personalization helps employers with recruiting and retaining employees and workers. If given the option to personalize their workspace, employees are more likely to take the job and stay in the company in the longer run. Even something simple like a pet or family photograph can increase employee’s productivity and satisfaction with the workplace.

2. More humane workplace

In the 20th century, most of the companies looked the same. Companies’ blandness was part of the corporate uniformity and whoever disobeys the rules was considered weird at best. Promoting that type of “equality” brought nothing but misery to the regular employees as they were the main anger target of their superiors. With the 21st century, advocating individuality was the most important change in the business. Having a personalized workplace makes employees feel more welcomed and relaxed while working stressful jobs.

Giving your workers an opportunity to choose is a huge step towards the company’s success. By giving them the choice, they feel like they, as individuals, matter, that the work they do is important and then they are ready to invest their time and knowledge in your company. Instead of knowing your employees by office or box numbers, give them a sense of place identity by letting them design their space to increase productivity. Creating an inviting workplace, makes your employees feel happier and healthier which is the pleasant working atmosphere many strive to achieve.

3. More control

Space is an important resource in the company. As many business owners can’t afford a larger place, instead of forcing employees in tiny offices with no windows or ventilation, they create a large open office. That is a great solution for those who have built strong relationships and connections amongst employees. But many superiors don’t have time to deal with establishing teamwork, while others employ a lot of new people who might have a hard time adjusting to a larger group of people working in one place.

In this commotion, many workers feel like they are losing control over their thoughts. To prevent losing the sense of identity, allow your employees to personalize their workspace. By having the choice and the control over their actions, workers feel valued by the company, and even if the conditions aren’t great, they feel motivated to get their job done. This space identity is correlated with improved work engagement and the production of quality work.

4. Improved wellbeing

Working with people and working, in general, can leave you feeling emotionally, mentally and even physically exhausted. This particularly happens if you closely work with a lot of unfamiliar people, sharing an office and personal space. Working in such an environment requires additional resources to help you filter out the noises and fully concentrate on your work. This can be extremely demanding. You are coming home completely exhausted, sleeping, waking up partly rested, only to go to work to get tired again is a depressing loop. Your employees need to be well-rested if you want them to be more productive.

Taking care of the wellbeing of the employees is essential for the company’s success. So, doing something in their favor can improve their mood and willingness to actively participate in the company’s duties. Allowing your workers to personalize their workspace can reduce the effects of emotional fatigue. Besides that, what bothers most people is invaded privacy that can be minimized by having personalized workplaces. It gives them a feeling of keeping their identity while working in a company.

5. Great ice-breaker

The downside of the big companies is that there are many departments and people don’t get the chance to meet all of their co-workers. Even some people within the same department personally don’t know all their colleagues. It’s quite a shame not to know people you’re closely cooperating with. The type of open office is ideal for getting to know your co-workers. But how to start a conversation?

That’s what having personalized workspace is ideal for. You can help your office neighbor design his workspace and he can help you design yours. Along the way, you can chat about favorite films, music, culture and so on. Believe it or not, when people come to work in a good mood, the whole atmosphere in the company improves making it easier to communicate and effectively work their job. So, encourage your employees to be friendly towards each other.

6. Little details matter

Even though most companies require a modern and professional look, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get personalized office according to those rules. Employees are usually fonder of employers who are relaxed and friendlier than those who are strict and frowned. Be their role model and encourage a comfortable and relaxing but working atmosphere in the workplace. Set an example by decorating your office, or office common room with pictures of your employees from various events and team-building experiences.

Even the smallest details can make a big change. The act of decorating a common room or kitchen can be a new team building activity. Post panels, photographs and motivational messages for the whole company. To make your firm even more inviting, consider getting personalised door mats to cheerfully greet employees and guests every time they step over a threshold. Besides its amazing and long-lasting look, doormats are perfect for keeping your premises clean. They absorb dirt and debris preventing it from smudging all over the company.

7. Keep it moderate

Having personalized and well-decorated offices in your company is great. But don’t forget to keep the authority. Even though there are plenty of positive sides of expressing individuality, there is some décor drawback you have to keep in mind. Limiting the type and quantity of decorations isn’t ruthless. It only means that you want what’s best for your company and your employees and clutter isn’t.

This doesn’t mean that you should ban personalized work spaces and décor altogether. Just set some rules regarding the decoration. Setting boundaries is important because some may want to bring their fairy lights. Fairy lights are great, just not for the working atmosphere as they are too distracting. These limitations should include music. Not everyone enjoys the same types of music, so nothing good can come out of that. Remember to be moderate even with these limitations.


Allowing personal decoration in the office is a great step towards a happier and healthier working environment. Even though many employees are not satisfied with the size of their offices, letting them keep the part of their identity near will keep them calm and sane. Taking care of their mental health and wellbeing is essential if you want to encourage productive energy in your firm.

Personalized working space can only bring many benefits if it is moderate. If you want your employees, guests, and customers, to feel welcome when they enter your premises, personalizing the workplace is an ideal solution.

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