Is Pentaho BI Falling Out Of Flavor Yet?

Pentaho is an all-inclusive business suite and contains a wide range of analytics capabilities that benefit the businesses that adopt it. Pentaho collaborates both the data integration as well as the analytic processing. The speed at which Pentaho works is commendable, this, the outcomes can be attained quickly.

Apart from processing and integration, even visualization of the data and the results become easier with Pentaho BI. Even if you want to analyze intricate data sets, you can do that using Pentaho BI. Therefore, getting a large variety of information from the huge sets of data helps businesses to make efficient business decisions.

Pentaho BI is a popular BI solution

Pentaho BI has used a wide range of analytics, like big data analytics, cloud analytics, business analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, etc. it is considered as one of the most powerful BI suites which are capable of solving the data mystery. The businesses that want to attain real value from the huge volume of data ideally use Pentaho BI.

In fact, companies can even find ways to boost their business and identify newer revenue streams with the help of the insights generated through data analytics. Pentaho is used not only by a small group of companies; rather it is used extensively by a large variety of different industries, for example, the retail sector, the eCommerce businesses, etc. With the help of Pentaho, the data scientists can interactively present the data through the visual analytics features.

Lufthansa tried to make the most of Pentaho BI

Pentaho is used by various topnotch companies like Lufthansa to perform real-time data analysis and generate interactive reports. The company was able to collaborate the data and feed it into a cockpit to study the massive volume of data. The data turned out to be pretty helpful for making strong business decisions. Transmission problems or any IT related problems could be identified and solved easily with the help of Pentaho. The process of detecting the patterns have become easier. Thus, Pentaho BI is definitely turning out to be quite helpful for the airlines.

Chinks in the armor?

Though Pentaho and Business Intelligence offer tons of business benefits, there are some cons or disadvantages related to them as well. There is no doubt about the fact that Pentaho BI allows real-time data analysis at superb speed. Also, it offers various benefits like data integration, customized analytics, interactive data visualization features, and interesting dashboards. However, there are some drawbacks related to Pentaho as well. Though, most of the drawbacks or disadvantages can be eradicated by intelligently using the solution.

Pentaho BI shortcomings

• One of the most talked about the con is the occasional crashing GUI. It is being observed that Pentaho’s GUI (Pentaho Spoon) stops intermediately. The users have to completely restart the program to make it work again. This is a little disturbing thing to happen. As, at times, the GUI stops working while the users are doing something important. But, Pentaho is finding a possible solution to the problem as it seems to be something that can be resolved.

• Though, a lot of data from a wide range of sources can be gathered by Pentaho. But, it is believed that data from public APIs cannot be fetched easily. The BI tools don’t contain enough high-end features to catch the data from a wide range of public APIs.

• Additionally, some users have reported the sudden release of the new editions. The documentation for the new releases is not very comprehensive. A lot of evolutions are happening but at a very quick pace. And, sometimes users may lose track of the new additions.

• Though, Pentaho BI is known to generate superbly accurate analytics reports at a very fast pace. But, a few of the Pentaho editions seem to be a little slow. The speed of initializing and fetching the right kind of data is not very high.

• Pentaho is not very complicated but not very simple too. It seems to be simple only after you understand most of its features and functions. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the experts spend enough time studying each and every feature of Pentaho BI.

Listed above are just a few of the disadvantages of Pentaho BI. Mostly, it is considered as one of the finest BI tools in the world. Therefore, it is preferred by a large number of businesses across the world. Also, it is expected to be used by more and more businesses. However, at the same time, the Pentaho makers are also constantly improving the solution to make it apt for the changing business needs. The solution is made better and better by the Pentaho experts.

Pentaho BI is fantastic software, thus, the drawbacks, disadvantages and the cons aren’t very eminent. Pentaho lets the businesses attain obtain a high level of scalability. At the same time, the performance of the big data solution is quite remarkable. It not only helps to collect and analyze the data but, it also helps the users to process the data, manage it and also generate high-quality reports. The automated reports save a lot of time for the users. Also, the options to present the data most interestingly and appealingly make it a top choice of the businesses.

Pentaho requires the correct type of implementation. Also, the implementation of this solution is a costly affair and it may take a lot of time as well. Therefore, businesses have to be prepared to adopt Pentaho Data Integration. Only, when the businesses know how and why to implement Pentaho, then only they can make the most of it. Additionally, you may require intelligent people to handle Pentaho.

After all, if you aren’t able to derive the benefits that you want, Pentaho is of no use to use. Pentaho is definitely one of the most powerful and efficient BI solutions and it is expected to be more famous in the coming years.


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