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The universe of document management has changed dramatically during the past decade. We went from simple document editing workflow to complex storage systems in a heartbeat, which left us no choice but to search for help. That help came in the form of supportive productivity software. 

When talking about documents, we cannot skip the PDF. The most popular file format in the world is equally used by people of various industries and professions. 

Just take an accounting agency for example. Accountants regularly get PDF bank statements from clients that they need to store or edit. Storing PDFs is easy, provided that the individual has basic organizational skills, but what about the editing? 
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This is where most people and companies get stuck, since the PDF is a document format that’s not editable by default. Thankfully, the technology evolved along with us, so we can resort to PDF software that can save us time and money in the long run. 

When choosing a PDF software, we have to pick a company that is dependable and reputable. Enter Investintech.com Inc, a PDF software developer that’s been on the market for over 15 years. 

Their flagship desktop software is called Able2Extract and, needless to say, it has been downloaded millions of times over the past decade and a half. So, what makes this software so desirable among the PDF crowd? 

First of all, Able2Extract is an expert PDF editor, with which you can easily add and remove PDF content. By that we mean both text and numbers. It has an integrated WYSIWYG content editor that makes instant modifications to the PDF and lets you completely visually customize the look and feel of your document. 

If you wish to add, let’s say, a line to an existing paragraph within the PDF, Able2Extract will recognize the font styling and size used in your document and assign the same settings to your new text block. Pretty neat, right? 

Besides PDF editing, you can also use Able2Extract to convert PDF to other file formats. The main supported conversions are:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel  (Custom and Automatic)
  • PDF to DWG / DXF
  • PDF to Image
  • PDF to OpenOffice (all formats)
  • PDF to PowerPoint
Besides these, there are plenty more, but we’ll let you do some research on your own. What makes this tool different to other similar software is the custom conversion feature. 

Custom conversion is designed for converting tabular PDFs and it lets you fully customize the row and column structure, before you actually convert your file. You can add or remove rows and columns and just basically format your spreadsheet while it’s still in PDF. Then, when you’re satisfied with your layout, hit the green convert button, and you will receive your Excel or CSV file in seconds. 

If this seems like something that would be useful to you, feel free to download the 7 day free trial and see for yourself. It has the potential to save you hours per document and make you look good in front of your boss. And that’s a deal that you shouldn’t pass easily.
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