Patrick Walker Russell Aims to Build a Solar Powered VW Bus to Promote Solar Energy across America

The current trends show that the renewable energy sources are capturing market share of fossil fuel energy much faster than predicted earlier. 

As forecasted by Tony Seba from Stanford University, writes in Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation that he is certain the world will switch to 100% electric cars and 100% solar power by 2030, and maybe even sooner. 
Futurist Ray Kurzweil also predicts an all-solar world within 15 years. 
Elon Musk has made his own bold predictions, and is well on the way to making them come true with Tesla Motors and Solar City.

Images credit: Patrick Walker Russell
To make a positive impact for use of renewable energy sources in the world, a passionate photographer and film maker; Patrick Walker Russell has a social mission underway.
He is producing a 10-minute film about the future of solar power and electric cars. 
Image source: Kickstarter
He is also building a solar powered VW bus and will drive it across the USA to spread the awareness about solar power and electric cars using animation images!
The idea of this project came to his mind when he was travelling in an inefficient old van across the country with some friends. 
It gave terrible gas mileage on much lower side. He decided to do build an electric van with solar panels on the rood and travel across the country without using any resources.
Huge improvements have been made to solar panels and electric card in recent years to make it cost effective and mass production.
His film will explore the empowering current technology and then take a look at where we will be going over the next 15 years. 
He plans to promote his film next summer on a solar powered Volkswagen bus and travel from Maine to California.
He is also planning for various events at colleges and universities, as well as pop-up screenings in cities and towns all across America.
He has made a 2-minute animated video under Phase 1 of the project and shown to hundreds of people.
To complete Phase 2 of the project, his crowd funding campaign is currently live at Kickstarter for a goal of $ 30,000 and 49 days still to go!
The fund will be utilized to purchase a VW bus (1960’s vehicle) and convert it suitable to run on battery by removing the internal combustion engine and replacing it with an electric drive train. 
He aims to collect additional funding from grant foundations to complete Phase 3 i.e. finishing the film, installing solar panels on the bus. (Source:


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