Party Planning Tips for Kid-Friendly Family Parties

Are you going to throw a party for your child? Do you want to make it kid-friendly?

If your answer to the questions above is yes, you are the right place. The write-up is intended to help you in taking proper care of kids and their parents as well. By following the party planning tips mentioned below, you will be able to spend more time with your friends’ kids along with yours and the party will be kid-friendly.

Ask your kids to show their best behaviour

Most of the family parties are not enjoyable for children – there is no balloon and no clown. Adults love talking to one another over a glass or whisky or wine and taking bites of cheese and shrimp.

You need to take care of kids too. Request your little guests have precautions. Say them to behave like a prince/princess and ask them to behave properly. Prohibit them from running, making loud noises and avoid roughhousing. 

Prioritize safety in your party planning 

Whether it is small or big celebration, safety should be on the top, as children or kids are also the part of that celebration. To maintain the safety, you need to be very careful. Place breakables on the shelves that are beyond children’s reach. Change the place of delicate possessions. Keep them to higher shelves. Besides, avoid keeping the lighted candles unattended at places that could be kids’ reach. Fireplace, lighters, and candles should be taken care properly. For the evening, keep your pets away from the party place. Dogs and cats are cute, but they can be nippy when kids maul them. Animals like birds or hamsters can have injuries.

Create a kid zone. In the zone, place a few toys, colouring books, computer games, crayons, and videos. With this, you will give a kid-friendly atmosphere to little guests to amuse. Further, you can hire some babysitters for the event to keep children entertained. For keeping kids engaged, you can ask them for labeling bottles or gift items with personalized stickers. Kids will find it interesting and enjoyable. 

Decide the venue and time wisely

For kid-friendly party, your home would be a great place. You have to decide which part of your home would be fine for the party – it could be garden area. If you have a small home with no pen space, you can decide to book a place around your home. The place should be easily accessible to all your guests and safe for kids. Further, the size of the venue should be in a good proportion of the guest number. It should not be too small or too big. The venue should be an ideal one that can help you create kid zone and accommodate all your guests easily without any mess. 

Talking about the time, you should avoid throwing a kid-friendly party on high days, especially around a holiday or big festival. The selection of time should be based on the current weather. In winter, you can set any time, but not early morning and late night. In summer, you should avoid setting party time in the afternoon. 

Do menu planning 

Whether the celebration is for kid or an adult, it has guests in all age groups – toddlers and adults to the old. To make the party kid-friendly, you need to take proper care in menu planning. You should include the food items children love a lot. Kids love having cheese, carrots, peppers, Goldfish, pretzels, and popcorn. You can think of burgers, grilled chicken, cheese pizza, and stove top cheese and mac if you are throwing a dinner party. Prepare or buy specialized drinks for kids such as juice boxes, lemonade, or kid champagne (sparkling cider). Ensure having a kid table where children can reach for their special snacks. With this, they will be free from adult fare.

Arrange games 

Children love playing games. Apart from equipping the kid zone with toys and video games, you should think about the one that can make children completely engaged and entertained. You can think of creating small pool, riding bicycles & wooden horses and having enjoyment with slides. Whatever games you select, your basic aim should be to keep the party friendly to kids. 

Provide gifts

Prepare little boxes as per the number of your little guests. Filled the boxes with kids’ favourite chocolates and desserts. At the end of the party, present a box to every kid when they start leaving the venue with their parents. They will be happy to have a cute little box at the end of the party. By finding their favourite items in the box, they will be very pleased.  


Making a party kid-friendly is easier. By including the likes of children in terms of party theme, menu, and games along with gifts, you can easily host a kid-friendly party.

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