Paprcuts Introduces a Super-Light, Waterproof and Durable ‘The Paprcuts Watch’ Made from Paper

Sustainable products are good for our environment and humanity, which always get attention from nature-conscious people.  

We see many innovations in technology and science today, especially in wearable electronic gadgets. It improves our lifestyle and satisfies the ever-changing craving for new technologies.  

A self-financed start-up, ‘Paprcuts’ based in Berlin-Kreuzberg, has a sustainable mission without compromising the latest fashion trends in product designs.  

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Images credit: Paprcuts  

The Paprcuts produces accessories out of Tvyek by a group of young creative and crazy people from the last four years.  

Now, the company introduces a lightweight, durable and waterproof wristband ‘Papr Watch’ made of paper but is actually a new watch, available in 29 different designs!  

It is so comfortable and stylish that you will not even realise you are wearing it and just blends into your life.  

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Images credit: Paprcuts  

The time display of the Paprcuts Watch is made from LED lamps, which shine through the ‘Tyvek’ and use it as a canvas.   

Unlike other wristbands available in the market, the material Tvyek used in the Paprcuts Watch is super smooth &; scratch-free, and fits your wrist perfectly.  

If we talk about Tvyek, it’s a hi-tech material that feels like paper is as light as a feather and mechanically recyclable, having excellent properties such as tearproof and water-resistant. A little bit like a cinema screen, just from the back. It requires some shadow to shine and get into the display.  

It is equipped with a sturdy magnet closing system, which even works during the biggest storms.  

You can exchange the battery and it lasts about 1-2 years on an average pressing person that depends on the click rate.  

The crowdfunding campaign is currently live at Indiegogo and you can get an early bird perk right away before they are all gone. The company plans to deliver the product in July/August 2017.


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