‘Open Road Project’ of Toyota develops the futuristic electric vehicles

the rise of electric (and now, self-driving electric) cars has brought an
entirely new design aesthetic to the future of the automobile, few – if any –
automobile manufacturers have pushed for allowing customers to produce their
own customizations using a 3D printer similar to how other product category
manufacturers have. Of course, one shouldn’t necessarily expect to be able to
customize engine components on an engine; however interior elements or exterior
body panels and other design elements that don’t interfere with the safety of
the vehicle should be fair game, right?  This is exactly what Toyota is aiming to
achieve with a new project that will be launched in July of 2015.

Toyota’s Open Road project

mentioned in Toyota’s Open Road project site, “we’re interested in how people
move: where they want to go and how they get there. That’s why we created OPEN
ROAD PROJECT. OPEN ROAD PROJECT shares new ideas about how we get around cities
by putting our vehicle, the Toyota i-ROAD through its paces and letting drivers
work with future thinkers. This summer sees the launch of OPEN ROAD PROJECT,
which will test the i-ROAD with selected Tokyoites around their city.”


OPEN ROAD PROJECT will explore the future of urban
mobility through three different programs.
OPEN ROAD PROJECT is recruiting Tokyo test-pilots over
12 months to put Toyota’s latest concept vehicle, the i-ROAD, through its
OPEN ROAD PROJECT is collaborating in unprecedented
ways with industry partners to create unique extensions of the i-ROAD
OPEN ROAD PROJECT will share the latest project news
and participants’ experiences with the i-ROAD through its digital platform
(launching on the 4th July) as well as physical events.
Toyota i-ROAD
The i-Road is the latest vehicle, designed to explore
the way we move. It can travel up to 50km on a single charge. Its intuitive
Active Lean technology makes it enjoyably nimble. The i-ROAD is built to the
highest safety standards.
Added Toyota in their official press release:

“Through these consumer trials, (we) aim to study the
best ways to develop products and services that will build on the key strengths
of the i-Road and open up exciting new possibilities for mobility.”


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