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There is hardly a business out there in the world that has no issues and is beyond perfect. Well, every business at some point the time face some occasional issues troubling their customers.   

Ideally, these issues must be resolved quickly before the customer reaches a point where they believe that they can only get satisfaction through a public forum or consider warning other people about your business their prime responsibility.   

And as you know today Internet has reduced almost all the barriers between customers, word-of-mouth can now travel at the speed of light today, this can harm your online image pretty badly.  

But if you have prepared and planned strongly for how to handle this criticism, the effect of one or two such complaints can greatly be minimized. Online reputation management is therefore a key that not only manages your reputation online but also improves your business overall.   

Badmouth publicity and false information about your company on the internet are some serious damage to your company’s reputation online. With this thing in mind, we suggest you 10 professional tips to successfully run your online reputation management program. Let’s have a look:  

Create a presence on all relevant web properties:

As it is advisable in many SEO blogs that you must have a well-optimized presence on all the relevant web properties. Well, it is essential to manage your online reputation too. Your company should have at least Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.   

You may need to be active on other social media sites depending upon your niche and industry- and believe us there are dozens of them out there. For B2B or high tech professional types of businesses having a Linkedin profile is always good to interact with qualified executives.   

And for visually-oriented products, using Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram can be beneficial. Social Media Marketing is essential if you want to reach out to today’s millennials.   

Monitor your company’s activity online:

Always stay in touch with the people related to your people. Keep an eye on all the latest news about your organization online so that you always know what people are talking about your business.   

Observe the hot spots where your company is getting mentions and what are the comments of people there. Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, Twitter Search, and Social Mentions are some of the tools to monitor your activities online.   

Reviews are critical for ORM:

In today’s digital world, people make a decision by reading and analyzing their reviews. These online reviews have a high impact on a customer’s purchase decision.   

They can either bring them towards your organization or can take them far away from your company. If we talk in numbers, around 70-90% of customers go through the reviews in order to decide whether a business meets their needs or not.   

Manage your net promoter score:

The net promoter score is a number that reflects how often a customer is referring your business to their friends and colleagues. In some ways, it shows a company’s status whether it is doing a satisfactory job to meet its customers needs or not. When this number increases it means the company is doing pretty well.   

Interact with the different type of clients:

As we heard it everywhere-different people have different opinions. Well, this is also true in business scenarios. In the business world, different clients come with different kind of habits and opinions that becomes an idea of improvement for business owners for sure. So always maintain a healthy interaction with your customers.  

So these are the few things to consider for your online reputation management and save yourself from bad publicity.


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