How Offline Marketing Can Boost Your E-Commerce Business

You would be surprised to learn just how much of an impact your offline activity can have on the success of your e-commerce business. As long as you can drive some qualified leads, who cares where they’re coming from, so why not find a way to reach out to people in the analog world as well as in the digital. Moreover, by reaching out to them through various channels, your business will seem more legitimate as well as omnipresent. With all of that in mind, here are some offline marketing strategies that can be used to boost your e-commerce business.

1.      Redeemable coupons

The simplest way to use an offline method to drive some sales is to use redeemable coupons. The best thing about this is the fact that it directly generates sales but also traffic on your e-store, seeing as how people will be interested in all the things they can get a discount for before buying. Either way, a redeemable coupon also creates a FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon. This is due to the fact that its holder might feel bad for not using the opportunity of buying something they’ll need later on.

2.      Offering catalog

Previously, we’ve talked about people wanting to see what you have in offer, well, what if they didn’t have to go to your website in order to do such a thing? Namely, what if you could use a catalog to show them what you have to offer and, in this way, make a conversion. Keep in mind that this would make people already determined to buy before they enter your website, which would mean that your conversion rate percentage might grow as well. Seeing as how this is a ranking factor, this might also lead to a slight SEO improvement of your business. All in all, you stand to benefit in more fields than one.

3.      Branded merchandise

In a scenario where your e-store’s URL coincides with your brand name, you can easily turn towards branded merchandise as a business promotion method. This way, printed promotional products that your business uses may be a reminder that your e-store is there and make some people curious of what you’re all about. Branded t-shirts, umbrellas, hats and grocery bags can all serve this purpose. Seeing as how they’ll serve as a constant reminder (every time a person in question takes a look at them), they’ll also be an incredible tool for driving return customers.

4.      Attend a trade show

By getting face-to-face with your audience, you’ll get a chance to praise your products in person. Think about it, what is more effective, sending your customer an email with a link that they should click on or telling them in person to check out your site? Sure, clicking a link takes less effort and it’s a lot more pragmatic, however, the face-to-face option creates a stronger bond with a potential customer. All in all, the in-person method is more likely to create a lasting effect and attending trade shows is a great way for you to get in touch with your audience.


5.      Guerilla marketing

The reason why guerilla marketing has such a great blend with online marketing is due to the fact that it’s incredibly picturesque and social media-worthy. Keep in mind that every time someone uploads a photo of a branded street art, there’s a chance that they’ll tag your business or use your hashtag. From here, the viewer’s path leads straight to your social media page and, from here, directly to your e-store. All in all, you can utilize guerilla marketing to increase your social media presence.

6.      TV and radio advertising

Finally, you can always rely on good old TV and radio advertising to send the message. The best thing about this type of advertising is that it sends the message over and over again. After hearing the message enough times, you can rely on the fact that your audience will learn your e-store’s URL by heart. This will increase your discoverability by quite a bit. Also, even if they’re not interested in your products, the fact that they’re hearing about it over and over again might make some people at least check you out. This could generate some leads from where you’ve least expected them as well as boost your traffic.


While all of these methods boost your traffic, they bring other benefits to the table as well. By strengthening your brand awareness and brand recognition, they’re future-proofing your business, thus preparing you for subsequent successes in your industry. This is the way in which even a relatively small e-commerce business can, eventually, become a household name.

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