OCIOBIKE ZM MINI – A Compact and Foldable e-Bike for Personal Mobility


Global warming is a critical issue that affects our environment and people across the globe due to unstoppable use of fossil fuels. It’s necessary to reduce the use of fuels such as gas and coal, an effort from both the governments of the world and their citizens require to take some urgent initiatives to support the Eco-system.

Average citizens may feel that their actions can only have a minimal effect, but this belief is false. When everyone helps out, the combined effort can be tremendous. In order to do their part, however, people must first understand what types of things they can routinely do.

E-Bikes for Better Environment and Health

One option is to ride an electric bicycle, or e-bike, for last mile transportation. E-bikes are bicycles with an electric motor. Riders propel themselves using the pedals, which can also be powered by the electric motor.

An e-bike is as much as six times more efficient than riding a train. In addition to being a greener transportation option, they also offer more freedom of movement without schedule restrictions and the ability to travel alone if desired.

When a person travels by means of train or bus, they must deal with more crowded conditions and people who may be sick or unpleasant to deal with. In addition to reducing congestion on roadways, electric bicycles are also quieter and compact which can easily be packed and move to your destination.

A recent study on electric mobility industry predicts global sales of e-bikes to reach approximately 60 million units by 2023. Electric bicycles are already widely used in Europe and China, going to the extent that there are more e-bikes than cars on their roads. Not only E-bikes help in better management of one’s health, but it also brings down the carbon footprint.


Nauroo, a technology organization which has presence in USA, Mexico and India, is entering into the green transportation space focusing more on renewable and sustainable transport.

It introduces an OCIOBIKE – ZHEDIE MINI, the world’s most compact and affordable ergonomically designed electric bike of the future. Completely Foldable and Easy to Carry Anywhere You Want!


The OCIOBIKE brings together the best in class performances under $1000 with innovative design and all the top features of e-bikes. According to the company, with eBike being their first successful experimental product going into production, Nauroo will move into eScooter and eCars space by 2023.

Attractive Features

The higher range with powerful 500W & 36V 7.8ah Lithium battery helps this eBike to get up to 60 kms per charge and can achieve a max speed of 20 mph. Its sleek and sturdy frame design attracts all-terrain commuter with a climbing capability of 18 degree steep and can support up to 119.75 kilograms of weight.

Clink the link for more insight of e-bike https://vimeo.com/341328423

It can be integrated with the Mobile App that unlocks the access for new features like – Anti Theft Lock, GPS tracking, Faulty Detection, Battery Management and Cruise Speed Control. The battery pack can be charged on or off the bike and also features a USB charging port outlet to easily charge your portable devices on the go.

The bike has advanced resistant custom solid damping tires, no more worry about punctures when you are traveling on the rough roads. The high torque motor powers the eBike and its disc brakes has immense stopping power.

The OCIOBIKE is available at their Indiegogo campaign with exclusive early bird offers for first few backers, just for $699 as against actual price of $1100.

The third phase of eBike testing has ended in May 2019 and company plans the trial production of 30 bikes a month initially and move into mass production & online sale by September this year.

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