Now Eco-friendly ElimiFly Could Permanently Solve the Mosquito Menace in the World

Every year several million deaths are being reported due to the disease-transmitting insects, the mosquito that has become one the most dangerous insect in the world.  

Mosquitoes help in spreading the diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, etc. Fighting this problem has become the main concern to many governments and social organizations.  

No other bite kills more humans or makes more of us sick than pesky mosquitoes.  

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 Cover during 3D printing

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 Cover after 3D printed


      Death mosquitoes from the ElimiFly (Images source: Indiegogo)  

Presently, there is no good way to kill mosquitoes as pesticides cause health side effects while UV light is ineffective due to an attraction of other beneficial insects.

Generally, the temporary solutions such as repellents, creams, candles are used to keep mosquitoes away but it comes back within hours.  


  Now, you have an eco-friendly permanent solution from the Quasar Design’s ElimiFly to this menace, which is a small container, biodegradable, nontoxic and requires only 5 to 10 watts of energy.  

The product has also renewable energy option (which is not included in the kit), a solar power that uses a 5-volt lithium battery or solar cell for locations where power is not easily accessible.   

How Does an ElimiFly Work?   

It uses a natural attractant to suck mosquitoes into the trap and kills large numbers of mosquitoes especially at public places and backyard of your house.  

The device is very simple to use and once in the trap, there is no way for the mosquitoes to escape!  


Death mosquitoes  

Yuri Gallegos, the designer of ElimiFly, inspired during the travel to Brazil when he became sick with dengue.  

Again, he faced the outbreak of Zika in his home country of Ecuador. He decided to solve this problem and invented the green product, ElimiFly that kills mosquitos.

ElimiFly is ready to be brought after many trial tests conducted in Illinois and Wisconsin. The crowd-funding campaign of ElimiFly is currently live at Indiegogo.  

The ElimiFly starter kit includes the ElimiFly trap, a month’s supply of attractant, USB power supply, and free US shipping.  

The designer of the product is presently considering producing multiples sizes and an ultra-portable mini ElimiFly.

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