Noiseless and Pollution free Fen Energy Generator powered by Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric

An inventor Mr. Godfred Biney, a Ghanaian in the United States of America, is a research laboratory scientist with 13 years of experience working with different lab settings, experience in analytical testing and quality control. He has invented, designed, developed, and patented a Fen Energy Generator.  

The synergy of the technology and the raw material was the task that Mr. Biney set himself from around the end of 2012. Two years later, a unique product was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, the ‘Fen Energy Generator’.  

The Fen Energy generator is multiple sources: solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. It does not use fuel and it is noiseless.  

About Fen Energy Generator  

Internationally manufactured, the Fen Energy generator is housed in a case with the finest parts that make it pollution-free. Fen Energy comes with a cooling system that lowers the internal temperature of the generator to about 16 degrees Celsius. Its tiny openings allow ventilation. This outstanding power generator is here to stay.

The Fen Energy high technology generator is designed into three powered-level models: small-sized model – 3,000 watts, medium-sized model – 5,000 watts, and large-sized model – 10,000 watts. The small-sized and medium-sized are mobile. Both have movable wheels that make them easy to transport in any direction. Its high-end component parts and accessories offer this generator the most competitive prices imaginable.   

Image credit: Fenyire  

This solar-powered generator comes with receptacles and a USB charger and it has both 120 volts and 240 volts 60Hz and 50Hz respectively. It is a great source of energy for anyone who is looking for safer and long-term money savings on cleaner energy solutions.  

Durability – The housed generator comes with rechargeable batteries that have a life span of 8 to 10 years.   Mobility – The Fen Energy generator can be moved outdoors or indoors.   Maintenance-free – The component parts of the generator are housed in a metal case that requires no maintenance.

This is just the first prototype. A newer and more improved version has been completed and has been christened “Version Ab”. The solar generator now comes with a security camera that monitors the surroundings of the generator 24/7. Every movement around the generator can be viewed from a remote location from your phone in a video format. Every detail can be seen in 1080p. You get alerts on your phone to view what happens while you were away.  

The camera has a night vision mechanism. It can see in the dark so it can still record every detail even at night. It is able to record every motion and store it as history for your review. The camera comes with a speaker and mic, therefore, you can talk and listen through your phone and the camera. You become a Big Brother who can monitor your children and still dictate what goes on at home.  

In addition, the solar generator comes with an anti-robbery alarm system. When activated, it goes off when someone attempts to push, pull or lift it. The alarm comes with a high decibel horn and remote control.   The solar generator comes with a cooling system. It lowers the internal environmental temperature of the generator to about 16 degrees Celsius. In this condition the shelf life of the electronic components is extended, thus making the product more durable with little or no maintenance for years.   

There is a huge demand for products such as this in Africa and Ghana in particular where there are still serious power problems. A problem that is still accelerating the collapse of small businesses, increasing unemployment, worsening health conditions, and the delivery of health care to the people. The government of Ghana is doing its best the ride the tides but the problem seems not to be going away completely.  

It is believed that this unique invention will provide power to Africa to increase access to clean, reliable power to households and businesses. This would result in increased productivity and improve health conditions and healthcare delivery. (Source: Ghanaweb)   Get more information about this Innovative product at their site Fenyire.


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