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We’re told not to judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to exterior design, that is a rule we all need to break. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a way to update your house or want to make your home more appealing to buyers, there are a couple of upgrades that can instantly boost its curb appeal. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the best, most impactful exterior design trends at the moment. Let’s get started.

Farmhouse porch

Whether you like the farmhouse style or not, one thing’s for sure – farmhouse porches are making a comeback. It’s thanks to their warm and welcoming vibe that we’re seeing more and more homeowners implementing them into their contemporary homes. Their beautiful railings, wooden doors, and perfectly symmetrical columns are working together to create an inviting atmosphere and a homely look.

While still giving a subtle nod to the past with a pinch of nostalgia. With the addition of a coffee table, a couple of comfy chairs and a swing, the farmhouse porch becomes an effective house feature. It effectively attracts potential buyers, which makes them an exterior design trend worth following.

Indoor/outdoor living

Creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces is a stylish on-trend concept that is being taken a step further. Many homeowners are extending the existing concept to the real exterior. Flooring is being used as a tool that creates a visual connection between the interior and the exterior. While outdoor fireplaces with comfortable furniture serve as conversation nooks that effectively blur the boundaries between the two areas. Not only does this concept help extend the usable space, but it also boosts the value of the house. Attractive outdoor areas are one of the main features that home buyers are currently looking for.

Mixed materials

Moving past the selection of just one material for their façade, homeowners are forgoing the simplest road and designing their homes with a wide assortment of materials, with cement, metal, glass, and wood being the main industrial elements used to achieve an effortless, sophisticated look that complements its natural surroundings.

With the use of mixed materials, homeowners are enhancing the visual interest of the exterior while also getting a chance to showcase their taste and get a custom look. Many of them are combining low-maintenance, highly-resistant metal cladding with wood or cement to achieve an urban look, thus taking a bold, non-traditional approach to exterior design.

Dark colors

Monochromatic black ensembles dominated the fashion scene, and exterior designers are taking notes. From doors and trims to roof and sidings in dark colors. Homeowners are taking a cue from the fashion runways and taking the trend to the streets – literally. Dark colors add that bold, edgy vibe but at the same time create a classic and sophisticated look. While grays remain to be the go-to hue for many, we’re seeing a rise in popularity of dark window frames which are being coordinated with the front doors and the garage doors, resulting in a cohesive, balanced look.


As easy as it is to go overboard with landscaping, homeowners nowadays are choosing not to. Instead, they’re taking a more simple, minimalist approach to landscaping. When it comes to curb appeal, we’re seeing a rise in popularity of low-maintenance outdoor greenery. Many homeowners are choosing flowers and annuals that bloom naturally in the area as a way of adorning their homes.

Cheap and easy to care for, low-maintenance flower gardens are one of many simple landscaping ideas that don’t require an entire weekend-worth of upkeep and look amazing. Flower beds and perennials such as tulips and daffodils add a pop of color in summer. While evergreen trees and bushes are sure to look great even in the dead of winter.

Creative lighting

One of the most creative lighting trends we’re seeing is the use of string lights. It’s a great way of illuminating different outdoor areas, from gazebos and decks to patios and even trees. They are an effective way to ensure proper overhead lighting while adding that wow factor to the home’s exterior. Eco-friendly fixture materials are another lighting trend.

It is becoming more prominent as more and more homeowners are looking for different ways of making their homes more sustainable. Using natural materials such as bamboo for the fixtures will not only make your home look more beautiful, but it will also help preserve the environment. That, and of course, LED light bulbs.


It’s obvious that curb appeal is dominant this year, with a lot of attention being given to presenting one’s home in a way that looks welcoming. Farmhouse porches, creative lighting, as well as simple landscaping go a long way in designing an inviting exterior, while dark colors and mixed metals give it that unique, modern touch. And let’s not forget about merging the indoors with outdoors to create a cohesive, seamless look.

All these are some of the most impactful exterior design trends we’re expecting to continue as we enter the new year, so be sure to dump the bright colors, complex landscaping, and simple façades, and incorporate some (or all) of these trends and design a home that is sure to impress everyone – from potential buyers to random onlookers.

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