The new era of online communities


Online communities date back to 1973. You may think online chatting began with Facebook, but that is a lie. Despite technology challenges back in the days, people managed to have real-time chat using the internet. Online communities have evolved in many ways. Today, communication is faster, customized to suit individuals, and focuses more on personal privacy. What is the technology behind this great evolution?

Application of Technology

Smartphones have made online communities grow fast. The last two decades have witnessed a sharp increase in online communication. Online communities like Mamby have introduced new technology that incorporates artificial intelligence. Unlike Facebook where you see anything and everything, Mamby utilizes its artificial intelligence system to give customers exactly what they want.

Do you get irritated when you see endless photos of people you do not know? Sometimes you receive friend requests from strangers you will never meet. Application of artificial intelligence in online sharing platforms is a new dawn for chat rooms. The artificial intelligence system learns your likes and dislikes. After some time, the system gives you only information that is relevant. Mamby has tapped into the future with their artificial intelligence algorithm.

Sending any type of material

When the use of internet to communicate was new, people only sent text messages. In fact, the length of text messages had limits. You had to pay more if you surpassed those limits. Soon, people were able to send longer text messages cheaply. Sending of photos followed shortly. Today, companies like Skype have made it possible to talk one on one with anyone across the world. You can share videos, documents, texts, GIFs, and photos of any format.

With so much content shared in online communities daily, companies must invest in personalizing content. How will you watch videos from 90 million people on a single day? Each online community must find a way of helping you find the most relevant videos and pictures that matter to you. An online community like Mamby is doing well in making content personal. Whatever you dislike, the system will never suggest to you. Mamby hides from you everything related to what you dislike.

Earning money online

In many online communities like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Reddit, users create groups to talk about their specific interests. Earning money using online platforms is popular today. A huge number of people do affiliate marketing in online communities to earn money. Big companies post their advertisements in online chat rooms to get customers. People flood Quora with questions about any topic of their choice. Online communities have come to a point where they must find a way of helping their users make money.

Many people spend a lot of time in online communities daily. Instead of being productive where they work, they waste time scrolling endless posts. Mamby has an interesting way to reward its users. For every view that their post receives, Mamby pays them a little amount. At least Mamby users have a reason to spend their time online.

Online communities are popular nowadays. Technology has helped these online platforms evolve fast. The future still holds mysteries concerning online communication.


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