NEOFOLD Brings the Most Revolutionary E-bike for Smart, Portable and Comfortable Riding

Like present trending in the lifestyle gadgets, the developers of electric vehicles are also not left behind and spend time in designing the stylish and compact e-vehicles, especially trendy e-bikes.

You might have seen many foldable e-bikes in past that made you crazy and astonishing. 

If you want to see a truly folding and specially designed e-bike for the urban environment, read this article that gives a brief snapshot of newly launched e-bike ‘Urban Style’ from Neofold!

Images credit: Neofold Urban Bike via Indiegogo

USP of this e-bike is its low weight and fully fold-ability compared to other e-bikes available in the market. 

It also supports ecology and keeps you fit and healthy. Use it anywhere, anytime, on a short trip, cities, campus. You can cover a distance of around 15-25 km easily on a single charge.

It’s available in four colors – white, green, orange and black. It has an aluminum alloy frame, double safety buckle design.
The e-bike is finished with liquid art after high temperature and high pressure, along with durable lithium battery and brushless motor.

European engineers have designed and developed this e-bike in 2 years of working, after so many considerations and users feedback. 

Isn’t it an amazing e-bike that can be packed in a small backpack and accompany you in any mode of travel – train, bus, or just walking to your favorite destination, be it for business or personal outdoor events.

With this kind of innovation and creativity, we feel adoption of electric bikes will definitely encourage and attract people living in an urban jungle in years to come.  


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