MyFC JAQ – The Smallest Eco-friendly Pocket Sized Fuel Cell Charger which uses Water and Salt

The Future of Portable Charging with JAQ charger – It’s instant, smart, and clean portable charging.

Even if you have the most top-end smartphone among your friends, it won’t make much of a difference if you are always on the reach out for the next charging point available. 

This is where the new MyFC JAQ fuel-cell charger makes its presence felt. For the charger, every card inside is basically a salt and water power cell. Electricity is almost instantly generated as soon as a cartridge is inserted into the (somewhat rubbery) charger sleeve. Each charge provides is said to provide 2400mAh. 

Image credit: Myfcpower
How does it work?

Fuel cells, like solar cells, are devices that produce electricity. Solar cells convert light into electricity and fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity.
A fuel cell is a device that generates electricity from a separated chemical reaction – usually the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. In a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell, like the myFC Powertrekk, hydrogen molecules enter a fuel cell at the anode where a chemical reaction strips them of their electrons. The hydrogen atoms are then positively charged hydrogen ions and can move through the electrolyte. 
The negatively charged electrons provide the current through the external circuit to do work. Oxygen enters the fuel cell at the cathode where it combines with electrons returning from the electrical circuit and hydrogen ions that have passed through the electrolyte from the anode to form water. There are various types of fuel cells and they all operate differently, as described by Myfcpower
It’s very simple to use! JAQ is completely off-the-grid. It’s always ready power, generated from water and salt contained in a slim power card. When the card is inserted into the charger, hydrogen is produced to fuel up the cell and power you on. 
Electricity is self -generated when a fresh PowerCard is inserted into the JAQ charger. The inserted PowerCard then provides 1800 mAh to enable a full smart phone charge. Once your charge is complete, you remove the single-use PowerCard and throw it away.
There are several kinds of fuel cells, and each operates a bit differently. All fuel cells generate electricity with no pollution. It doesn’t use any fossil fuels and doesn’t generate any residuals products. The only byproduct from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen is water.
JAQ is the eco-friendly product as the card and its fuel are made from recycled materials, water and salt. After use, the card can be disposed of as regular waste. Explore further about this innovative green product at Myfcpower.


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