Munich Start-Up SONO Motors Launches SION, The World’s First Production Solar Car!

The Munich-based tech-start-up SONO Motors’ journey was started 4 years back in a garage when three young entrepreneurs – Laurin, Navina, and Jona aimed for an affordable solar car without compromising the attractive features in it!  

They spent nearly three years developing, building, and testing a pre-prototype of the SION solar car in a Munich garage.  

The result is a stunning 5-seater SION solar car with a range of 250 km and up to 30 km can be charged using Sun energy.  

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Images credit: SONO MOTORS GmbH  

According to the company press release, an innovative electric car with 330 solar panels is integrated into its body. It is priced at €16,000 (~$18,720 USD) featuring a 30 kWh battery that provides an incredible 110-120 miles range!  

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Images credit: SONO MOTORS GmbH  

To protect them from harmful environmental influences, the company has covered the solar cells with polycarbonate. It is shatterproof, light, and particularly weather resistant.  

One of the highlights of the SION is the self-charging function called viSono. Its bidirectional charging system with up to 2.7 kW output enables the user to power up all common electronics devices, a truly sustainable driving. Its elegant but simple interior with an eye-catcher breSono air filter system and the infotainment, with a 10-inch screen, makes it really attractive.  

The company will start a test drive tour of SION solar car through Europe – 12 cities and 7 countries. It will also test drive during next summer in the U.S.  

Kick-off will take place on August 18th in Munich this year. The start of the serial production and the delivery will take place in 2019. (Source: SONO Motors)


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