How is MuConnect different from any other mobile charging accessory

In July 2015, a new product called Znaps launched its campaign on Kickstarter and was a huge success raising more than 2 million US Dollars. It was a MagSafe-like magnetic adapter that can be used with existing charging cables for mobile devices.  


Six months later, there is a similar campaign on Indiegogo called MuConnect, which is a “Fast Charging MagSafe like connector” for mobile devices.

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Both products have two parts. The smaller part goes into your phone and the other part is fixed to your charging cable at all times. When brought near, the two parts align together with a snap and start charging.

This easy plug/detach feature helps the user in preventing frayed cables, broken sockets, tripping over cables resulting in smashed phones, and more. Both products come in Micro USB and lightning versions. The MicroUSB version adds reversibility to the cable, so it can be plugged in any direction.


However, the similarities end here. What makes MuConnect unique is a button that enables the user to switch to Fast Charging mode, which comes with a
A couple more interesting functionalities.  

Fast Charging –

Mobile devices charge very slowly when connected to laptops. Some tablets do not charge at all unless you switch them off before charging. By setting it to fast charging mode with the simple slide of a button, MuConnect charges your device two times faster when connected to laptops or car chargers.  

Data protection –     

When charging devices from public charging ports or others’ laptops, anyone on the other end can steal your personal data, photos, important information like bank passwords, and a lot more. MuConnect in fast charging mode disables data sync, so it completely eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to your data or any malware installations. You can now feel safe about charging your phone anywhere.  


The above functionalities offered by MuConnect are individually offered by a few other products –  

ChargeDr USB Charge Booster for High Speed charging from laptop and Desktop – priced at $19.99   SyncStop to protect your phone from accidental syncing and malware – priced at $19.99

And then there is Znaps, a Magnetic adapter for mobile devices – priced at $9     MuConnect even with its sleek, minimalistic, elegant design, provides all these solutions at just $12. 


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