MuConnect adds Fast Charging and MagSafe to your existing micro USB or Lightning Cables

MuConnect attempts to add comfort to people’s lives by creating a small change in the way they charge their devices.    MuConnect is a “smart” mobile charging accessory, which has Fast Charging and MagSafe like magnetic connection in one, now currently on Indiegogo.  


Its magnetic connection is a perfect solution for frayed cables, broken phone sockets, tripping over cables resulting in smashed phones and more. We all at some point have experienced the displeasure of our phones not charging quick enough when connected to laptops, especially when we need them the most. 

It’s fast charging feature helps you avoid long wait times to charge your mobile device.

Fast Charging MagSafe connector for mobile devices

MuConnect comes with a pin that always stays inside your device charging port and a connector that is always connected to your cable. When brought near the pin, the connector magnetically connects to it and charges away. 


The connector has a switch, which allows you to disable data sync and charge 2X faster when connected to laptops and car chargers. The design is sleek and elegant and is unobtrusive, so it can be integrated seamlessly into your everyday life.  

MuConnect is smart. Its “auto-detect” feature recognizes which type of device it is connected to and optimizes for fast charging. The MagSafe-like magnetic connection provides “easy plug easy detach” which protects your cables and phone sockets from being broken.  


MuConnect’s crowdfunding campaign is live on Indiegogo where you can preorder it at just $12, which is a 40% reduced cost on the retail value. There is also an early bird offer for the first 500 claims where you get two products for $20. Claim your offer before it ends!

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