How to Motivate High School Students to Do Homework?

Homework is a nightmare for all the students out there. Regardless of the class and degree type, homework and assignments are loathed by all the students. They try to run from them as much as they can because homework is tiring and full of trouble.  

Are you a teacher constantly facing these issues with your students? Or maybe a school counselor who is unable to motivate students to complete their work assigned for home? We have assigned some effective hacks to motivate the students for completing their tasks.

How to Motivate High School Students to Do Homework?

Understand the reasons of not completing the tasks

First and foremost, you need to understand the reason that is causing trouble for the students in the completion of their assignments. Without finding the root cause, how would you be able to find an appropriate solution for it? Following are some of the reasons which cause hindrance in task completion.

  • The student is unable to understand the assigned tasks.
  • Help is not available.
  • Nonacademic or extracurricular activities get in the way.
  • Shortage of time due to part-time jobs.
  • The poor domestic atmosphere at home.
  • Wastage of time in procrastination and watching movies, playing games.

How to motivate them to do the work

Once you have identified the issues, next you can easily help them to solve these with suitable options and encourage the students to complete their work.

Explain the assignment

When you assign any assignment to the class, make sure to explain it properly to all of them. If the students understand the assignment, they will be able to complete it more easily. Lack of understanding can easily disccourage people which then make them not complete the work.

Make help available for them

Unavailability of help pushes students to not do the tasks at all. Make sure you tell them that you are available for them whenever they need help s they can ask you without hesitation. Otherwise you can also refer them some professional assistance websites such as 7$ Essay Website for getting guidance related to their essay work.

Earn respect from students

Respect for the teacher is also a contributing factor for the completion of assignments and tasks. Make sure that you earn respect from the students. To earn respect you need to first give respect. Like it said, what goes around comes around. Be humble and polite with your students in order to make them respect you unconditionally and also so that they can turn to you in times of need.

Give personal attention to all the students

Students in high school are at a vulnerable phase of life. They think they don’t need any sort of supervision whereas actually they need lots of supervision and attention. Make sure that you give special individual attention to all the students in the class. They will feel how valued they are and they will also make sure to complete the tasks you have assigned to them.

Make the homework engaging and interesting

An important step to take in order to motivate the students is by making the assignments interesting and more engaging. It is not important that the topic always has to be an interesting one because sometimes it also needs to be aligned with the class teachings. However, you can make the entire process of assigning homework and getting it completed interesting and engaging.

Keep taking updates

After assigning the tasks, continue to take regular updates from the students. Updates are important as that shows the students that you are equally as invested in the task as they are. They will automatically be motivated to complete it and that too in great quality.

Make the load manageable

Make sure that you don’t overburden the students and keep the load easily manageable. When the load is too much, most of the people fail to complete it due to stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to keep the workload manageable so that the students easily complete it in the given time period. Completing homework for high school students is quite a struggle but teachers can help them and motivate them. Discussed above are some of the great effective hacks to motivate the students and make them complete the assigned tasks.

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