Meet Modern Era William Morrison Who Invented a Powerful and Affordable Cargo Electric Bike

Did you know, the early development of the automobile focused on electric power rather than gasoline power!  

During the late 1890s, the United States roads were populated by more electric automobiles than those with internal combustion engines.   

One of the most prominent names in the field of electric transportation was William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa. He was a chemist by profession and created the revolutionary battery technology during that period of time.  

According to various records, he had invented one of the first functional electric cars, a vehicle that predated the Model T.  

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Images credit: William Morrison  

Now, a modern era producer/director/DP/musician William Morrison, same name but no relation with earlier William, has a vision of developing a sustainable mode of transport.  

He invented an electric cargo bike decade ago to clean running camera platform for a marathon in France.  

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Images credit: William Morrison  

With further modification, he built a powerful and sturdy e-bike that could deliver a good amount of luggage with an incredible travel range, named as ‘Morrison Electric’!  

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  The prototype of model F has around 50 plus mile range along with the max speed of 28 mph. The e-bike is so strong that it can carry 400 pounds of cargo, kids or adults.

He is using this prototype for over two years in Los Angeles and already put around 30,000 hard miles on it with heavy cargo and lots of passengers.

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Images credit: American Automobiles  

According to the inventor, some of the features of e-bike are:  

• Schwalbe Punctureless high-pressure tires  

• Rear disc break and optional front disc or v-brake  

• 2 x 20 Amp hour Lithium Ion Batteries (With charger)  

• Shimano 8 speed internal hub  

• Xtracycle Leap cargo attachment (With Hooptie LT2 Bars)  

• Custom waterproof saddle bags and front controller bag  

• Split saddle with sprung seat post  

• Center kick stand for stable loading   

It has a 48-volt system powered by two 20 amp hour lithium ion batteries and a front mounted hub carries a powerful motor.  

The Morrison Electric bikes, in Model M and Model F, are an affordable mode of transport compared to a new economy car and other bikes available in the market, it costs at $3,500 for either model. (Source: Kickstarter)


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