Brings An Everywhere Mobility Package For Your Electric Car

In the past few years, we have seen an increased demand for charging batteries as more people are inclined towards electric vehicles, the reason mainly its affordability and reliable transportation.   

Driving an efficient and beautiful electric car is very exciting and enjoying a moment of your life.   

However, it breaks when the battery of the electric vehicle drained out and you need to recharge at an unknown location. This situation is not at all desirable!  

The installation of a stationary battery system requires a huge capital cost and incurs substantial maintenance expenses in order to make it operational all time.   

It has a limitation of charging place as we need to transport our drained battery to a charging station.  

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The innovation of mobile batteries is something which everyone would like as it makes a lot of sense in the new world of electric vehicles. It simply delivers electric energy at any place where it’s needed!  

A German-based startup BVB INNOVATE, partnered with Audi, Infineon, VW, Deutsche ACCUmotivem, Fraunhofer IPA, and the Technical University of Munich for their various projects and got vast experience in developing charging infrastructure and battery systems.  


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It works with the leading breakdown service suppliers on the complete provision of charging services throughout Germany. It also received EUR 2m in funding from the EU via its Horizon 2020 SME instrument.  

A mobile battery rapid charger system ‘Mobats’, a solution of providing electric energy wherever it is needed, is the latest development of BVB Innovate that enables rapid charging without medium voltage grid access.  

Its unique features include – charging while charging, rapid charging stations, charging dispersed e-vehicle fleets, breakdown services, valet recharging, and mobile energy capability. is a mobile rapid charge consists of a mobile battery mounted upon a strong self-braking trailer frame and facilitates charging anytime anywhere.   

The lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 20 – 200 kWh, do not require any charge points or grid to power up your electric vehicle. It will be available in capacity classes – 40/60/85 kWh.  

According to the company, the expected cost of the the system is EUR 19,000 for the 40 kWh and EUR 29,000 for the 85 kWh versions respectively.  

The mobile battery will provide a charging current at an output of up to 22 kW during travel and the company expects the range of the e-vehicle by up to 500 km (300 miles), also charging EVs in minutes!  

The rapid charger campaign is currently live at Indiegogo and expected an overwhelming response from the backers. 


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