What Does ML.NET 0.11 Microsoft Update Offer To The Developer

In today’s world, machine learning has become the next big thing and has revolutionized the way we use technology. Through machine learning, the system has gained the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without the need for explicitly programming. It is one of the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence. To do coding in machine learning, various frameworks can be used and one of them is ML .NET by Microsoft.

What are Microsoft ML .NET and its applications?

ML.NET is an open-source platform for machine learning, which was launched by Microsoft and is commonly used with .net core 2.0. The main use of this platform is to develop and integrate custom machine learning concepts to the .net apps of any type – web, mobile, desktop, gaming, IoT, etc. Recently, Microsoft announced a new update to this platform. This new update, allows the user to make the machine learning work in the production environment.

The main purpose of ML.Net platform

Through this platform, Microsoft wants the developers to apply their .NET, MVC, C#, F# skills to integrate the concepts of machine learning into an application. Through this platform, they want to make this thing easy for the developers, even if they don’t have expertise in the concepts of machine learning.

What does ML.NET 0.11 update offer to the developer?

Through this update of the platform, Microsoft wants to bring a lot of changes to the way one uses the platform without adding much to the platform itself. In this update, rather than adding any new features to the platform, Microsoft has tried to increase the stability of the platform to make sure it doesn’t crash while the program is still running. Another thing that has been added to this latest version is that now Microsoft is offering one-to-one help from the engineers to the developers on how to use this platform in the production environment. They also highlighted two new features which were added to the platform. These features are:-

  • They have added new capabilities to support text input when working with popular TensorFlow. This helps the developer to facilitate working with text analysis scenarios such as sentiment analysis.
  • They have renamed some ONNX-related terms to make the distinction between ONNX conversion and transformation clear. It is an open and inter operable model platform which lets the developers take models trained in one ML platform and use it in another platform.

The kind of help engineers will be offering to the developer

The developers of this platform dropped a big twist during the announcement of the update when they announced that one-to-one help from the engineer would be offered to the developer. This would be done via video calls, messages, e-mail etc. There are a few different types of help that would be offered by the engineers to the developer. These kind of help are:-

  • The developer will get help in implementing ML .NET in his/her application.
  • The developer would be able to provide feedback on the ML.NET directly to the people who were involved in creating this platform.
  • They will demo the developer’s app and potentially have it featured on the ML.NET homepage, .NET blog or other Microsoft platform.

Benefits of these updates for a developer

Whenever a new update comes, one thing a developer who is using these platforms looks at is the new features that have been added to it. In this regard, if someone looks at these updates from an outsider’s perspective, then there is not much benefit of using this update since nothing much has been added to the platform. For a developer, this isn’t the case as even the small changes have impacted many things and change the dynamics of the entire application. Such benefits are:-

  • By renaming some of the ONNX related terms, it has become easier for a developer to understand which term is related to which type of work of ONXX. This is especially beneficial for a new user of this platform.
  • By adding the feature that now the Asp.net mvc developers can interact directly with the engineers, they have reduced the time it would have normally taken to solve any issue that might have arose when they were implementing ML.NET with .net.
  • They have made it easier for a user to work on the TensorFlow platform for ML.NET.
  • Increased stability of a platform is always good when an application is being created for a developer.

These updates have come at the right time for an ML .NET platform user who was started facing issues with the previous version. The fact that Microsoft is working on improving the stability of the platform before they would be starting to add any new thing to the platform is also a good thing. The fact that the new ML .NET update offers professional help for personal use and this is also a thing which might attract new users to the product.


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