MIU – The Verge between Tradition and Innovation

Combined with premium materials such as tempered glass, wood, steel, and aluminum to create desks, sliding doors, shelves, and tables, Art is Therapy launches new MIU line of tailor-made products suitable for any ambient.  

‘Art is Therapy’ is an Italian company, born tree tears ago after a successful crowdfunding campaign.   

Their goal is to design, develop and manufacture innovative products by following personally the product development in all its stages, from conception to the delivery into their customers’ hands.  

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Images credit: Art is Therapy  

Their products are made merging the work of the best Italian craftsmen with the latest technologies in terms of production.  

Each product is designed and realized completely in Italy from the best Italian artisan.  


The countertop is in solid wood supported by an aluminum complex tubeless structure. Set your workspace apart from the rest. A desk that fits your office space perfectly.  

Sliding door:  

The solid wood door fixed to silent wheels runs on a satin-finished aluminium rail. Sliding doors allow generous ventilation into your home, ensuring your view is unobstructed as well as saving space.  


The shelf is a single solid wood board supported by an aluminum tubeless structure. Shelving units are an important permanent fixture in a living room. Custom shelves will look the way you want.  

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  Selection of best materials by the core team to satisfy the end users, the creations are finished by hand and are uniquely original decor style.  

The final result is ad hoc furniture, customized for each client and created to suit their requirements and desires, down to the smallest details.  

This product gives a great value both for offices and homes. Large numbers of customers are looking for this kind of solution in their environments.   

Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and home owners will now be able to furnish their ambient with unique tailor-made features that no one else can claim. The product is currently available for ordering worldwide.


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