MiniFalcon – The First Compact and Ultra-Light Weight E-Scooter That Fits in a Backpack

Last Mile Transport

The last mile problem is something which every person in urban areas facing due to limited infrastructure for car travel or other big size vehicles, this problem is a barrier to better utilization of a rapid transit network.
Many residences and businesses are situated farther than an easy walking distance to a transit station require a sustainable solution that not only ease out traffic but also provide a comfortable ride to our destination.

Using a bicycle is an excellent way to traverse the last mile from the station, but given space constraints, bringing bikes on the trains themselves is not feasible. Providing secure bike parking at the station is imperative, and providing easy bike rental for cyclists to use at their destinations is also important.

Compact and Ultra-light Weight MiniFalcon e-scooter

Forget wasting money on car and rideshare services for your daily commute. A New York based tech company introduces its revolutionary e-scooter ‘MiniFalcon’ which is also honored recipient of “German Red Spot Design Award Best of Best 2017 Innovation”.

Creator of this e-scooter is a team of young but experienced engineers in innovative product design and engineering, with a strong supply chain team aspired to transform daily products to the next level and firmly believed that urban transportation has to be made user-friendly and practical to daily users. Using their experience in the mechanical engineering and automation industry aim to make things better, safer and more reliable, have launched an Indiegogo campaign for MiniFalcon e-scooter.

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The ‘MiniFalcon’ electric scooter is a revolution transportation solution that aims to make the process of getting around town on your own terms easier than ever. It is characterized by its ultra-compact design that folds up into a backpack, this allows riders to keep it stored between uses and make it even easier to keep in a trunk or on hand for impromptu riding.

Attractive features of MiniFalcon

  • Brushless Noiseless 250W motor which can go up till 15.5 mph
  • 3-speed adjustable gears for a smooth ride in various road conditions
  • Puncture-proof tires made from solid rubber
  • Dual Rear Brake technology that covers both manual and electric brakes
  • High-efficiency concealed shock absorber in rear and front wheels to absorb bumps effectively and smoothen the ride
  • Long-lasting and durable Ternary 5C Strong Electric Discharge Battery which assures even distribution of power distribution and one single charge can cover up to 9 miles
  • Fast recharge in just 2 hours
  • Superior Kinetic Energy Recovery System that recycles excess energy to recharge the battery while the user pulls a brake or goes downhill
  • The digital display shows vital data in real-time, including battery life, live speed, mileage, and gear position

The powerful torque, adjustable gears, shock absorption, a long-lasting battery, and many more features makes it not just the most portable, but also the most dependable e-scooter in the market. It comes with patented tail wheel retractable structure, telescopic handle structure and rod locking structure.

MiniFalcon’s Ternary 5C Strong Electric Discharge Battery is both powerful and long-lasting. It provides an even power distribution so your speeds stay consistent over the charge.

Thanks to its lightweight, the scooter can withstand up to 220 lbs. with “0” deformity. The e-scooter can travel both in plains and hills with equal ease. The Kinetic Energy Recovery System will automatically recharge the battery when riding downhill and when braking to help capture some of the energy that would otherwise be lost.

Backed by advanced engineering design, it can withstand go up to 15.5 Mph and 9 -13.6 miles on a single charge, despite its small structure. The e-scooter is manufactured with aerospace-grade anodized aluminum which ensures a sturdy yet lightweight structure.


MiniFalcon will help you to save money in the long run! MiniFalcon can pay for itself in less than 2.5 months! So stop wasting cash on gas and rideshares, MiniFalcon will get you through your commute quickly, efficiently, and easily with zero hassle and zero fees. Riding on an e-scooter or e-bikes can definitely improve the overall traffic situation and our health.

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