Top 5 Best Portable Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft is known for a lot of things, most notable, however, might be the company’s powerful office capabilities. Microsoft Office apps are well known and feature-filled and many, if not most businesses use them.

But what if your computer is in the shop because you need PC repair? You won’t be able to access the desktop versions of your Microsoft apps. Another issue is the hefty price tag that comes with Microsoft Office. Many people are searching for replacements.

Here are some great, free Microsoft Office replacements for you to try while your PC is in the shop:


LibreOffice might be the most feature-filled Office alternative if you’re looking for something that you can install on your computer and use without the internet.

As you might expect from the name, LibreOffice is free to use. It saves documents as open document format but you can opt to convert these files to Microsoft Office with the click of a button. LibreOffice is supported by a powerful user community so it will be easy to obtain help, and the office suite offers almost as many features as Microsoft Office does.


Google also offers office apps that you can use for free, including Google Docs, Google Slide, and Google Sheets. This is a cloud-based suite of apps so you don’t need to install anything that takes up storage space.

In addition to the word processor, spreadsheet app and presentation app, Google Drawings and Google Forms also come as part of the package.

Google Docs lets you export documents to Office format, PDF files, and some other types you’d find in the business industry.

Upload files from your computer or phone, or you can edit your documents straight from Google Drive. The Google office applications have robust sharing capabilities: you can put restrictions on who you share with, or you can share a doc publicly. Collaboration is easy with Google Docs as well.

Finally, Google has a variety of add-ons you can use to extend this suite’s capabilities.

One caveat: If you don’t have great internet access, you might want to look elsewhere. Google offers an “offline mode” extension but it will only work on files you have stored on your Drive account.

WPS Office

WPS Office, formerly known as Kingsoft Office, is an excellent Office alternative. You might already be familiar with the Android app.

You can access WPS Office for free if you are willing to put up with advertisements you see when you start the software. WPS comes equipped with a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation apps. The interface is quite similar to Microsoft’s Office apps.

You can use WPS Office to sync to the cloud, and as you progress on your documents, the changes will be reflected on your various devices. There is also a variety of templates built into the program for you to use.

Although there is a Word doc to PDF converter, this comes only with a limited amount of conversions. If you’re looking for unlimited conversions and more features, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Office Online

If you are getting PC repair and want to use apps made by Microsoft, Office Online is a nice alternative. It works online like Google Docs and you can access it with your Microsoft account.

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