MeshPoint Wins Best Humanitarian Tech Award for 3D Printed Wi-Fi Hotspot That Helps Refugees in Crisis

In any type of crisis situation; communication helps humanitarian organizations to organize themselves better, to act faster, and to manage disaster more efficiently and in doing so to save lives.

Efficient communication system and good and stable Internet access can help both humanitarian organizations and people.

A Croatian start-up MeshPoint.Me demonstrated and confirmed this during the time Croatia was gate for refugees to their goal country in European Union.
MeshPoint emerged from the European refugee crisis; this device helps in quickly setup reliable internet hot posts in transit camps and improves the connectivity in various refugee camps around the globe.

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Shelter and food are an essential requirement to refugees; also communication with loved ones or access information needed for their journey. 
Seeing a need for such hotspots, the founders behind Otvoreni mreža teamed up with some other organisations, Capital Hook, Shuttleworth Funded, Udonis and u: Plug – to create the MeshPoint.Me project.

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MeshPoint’s open source and durable Wi-Fi hotspot will allow refugees to communicate and access information, which is a critical need for families and children as they travel across Europe. 
Recently MeshPoint was used in transit camps for Syrian refugees in the eastern parts of Croatia.
MeshPoint is a compact and rugged autonomous device designed to sustain extreme conditions, and rapidly provide reliable internet access for up to 150 people.
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The device, which consists mainly of a router, batteries, and a tough 3D printed casing, was designed for use in the most dire situations, being able to withstand heavy weather conditions.
To support even more users, near-by MeshPoint.Me devices automatically connect into a self-forming, self-healing mesh network..Amazing!
Unique feature of MeshPoint is 3D printability of its parts. To make it more reliable, you don’t need to repair its parts, all the files of mechanical parts will be available online so you can print them with a 3D printer.
MeshPoint is made up of a 4G LTE modem with a built in battery. Based on open source software, it relies on open technologies to power its independence in that regard as well.
Croatian startup MeshPoint recently received the prize for social innovation awarded by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Croatia.
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Recently MeshPoint won the best humanitarian tech award at the Europas Startup Conference and Awards (sponsored by UNICEF) as part of The 2016 Europas Conference. (Source: MeshPoint.Me)


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