Megasportsworld Betting: A Review Of Sportsbooks In The Philippines Betting Industry

Given the rise and embrace of sports betting by Filipinos, many sports betting sites now ply their trade in the Philippines market. In this article, we take a look at Megasportsworld Betting, a top-ranking sportsbook in the Philippines. We consider its features, user interface, available markets and odds as well as everything that makes it loved by Filipinos.

Sports betting is a profitable venture, provided you make use of reliable tools and websites. It’s not enough to desire a wager or seek profit. A punter has to make sure he uses a reliable sportsbook or bookmaker. He also has to check if the market he wants to wager on is offered by that bookmaker. While there are multiple bookmakers in the Philippines, some have received more acclaim than others. One of such bookmakers is Megasportsworld Betting.

Everything You Need To Know About Megasportsworld Betting

Megasportsworld betting is an indigenous Philippine bookmaker. It was among the first companies to be registered under the Philippines Amusement and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR) rules. With over a hundred betting outlets across the country, megasportsworld betting is a huge stakeholder in the Philippine betting arena. In an era where most sportsbooks are fully online, megasportsworld is more of a physical betting shop with an online presence.

While customers are shown real-time odds on the website, bets can only be placed at a physical outlet. Staking a bet with Megasportsworld can only be done with cash payments. No offline stakes are possible. Nonetheless, its credibility and ranking among other sportsbooks are on a high. This is because it abides by the PAGCOR regulations. To stake a bet with megasportsworld, punters need to have an ID showing they are age 21 and above. The bookmaker also has a minimum staking requirement of 100 PHP.

Megasportsworld provides Filipinos with a chance to stake on several sporting events, both local and international. Customers may choose between tantalizing leagues and events including basketball, football, horseracing and virtual games. One of the upsides of banking with an indigenous sportsbook is that Filipinos are treated to increased odds on local sports. That is, megasportsworld betting offers better odds than its international counterparts on local sporting events like sabong and Philippine National Boxing.

In a bid to further increase accessibility, the megasportsworld website is optimized for mobile and smartphone access. Customers may also download mobile applications on their Andriod or iOS devices, provided they meet the requirements. To qualify for a mobile app download, megasportsworld customers are required to have staked at least PHP10,000 in two months.

It’s worth noting that bets can’t be placed through mobile applications just like the website. Furthermore, customers can only make deposits and withdrawals from their megasportsworld betting account at a physical outlet. Also, deposits can only be made in philippine pesos (PHP), and withdrawals are subject to taxation per the requirements of PAGCOR. Lastly, there are no promotions, deposit bonuses or exclusive offers associated with megasportsworld betting. This is perhaps due to it being more of an offline bookie.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Megasportsworld Betting?

You’re probably wondering what benefits come with being a megasportsworld customer. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Some of the advantages of banking with megasportsworld betting include:
● Increased odds on local sports leagues and events
● Compliance with PAGCOR which is the chief gambling regulator in the Philippines
● Betting outlets are readily accessible and widely spread across the country
● Unlike other sportsbooks, megasportsworld offers you the opportunity to bet on your favourite Philippine sports
● Customers can lodge complaints via phone calls and emails 24/7
● Megasportsworld users can locate nearby betting outlets in their area via the website

Disadvantages of Megasportsworld Betting

Just as we’ve listed out the major selling points of megasportsworld, it’s also essential to iterate the areas in which they fall short to balance out this review. Thus, some of the shortfalls of megasportsworld betting include;

● Customers can only stake bets at physical stores
● Lower odds on foreign sporting events when compared with its contemporaries
● Deposits and withdrawals can’t be made via the website
● Regardless of its online presence, megasportsworld betting remains an offline bookie
● The impact of the coronavirus has led to the closure of physical betting outlets
● Mobile app requirements aren’t customer-friendly and limit accessibility
● Unlike other online sportsbooks, megasportsworld doesn’t offer deposit bonuses and promotions to its users


Mesgasportsworld betting has remained a stakeholder in the Filipino betting industry due to a strong network of physical outlets across the country. It has also helped cater to the sports betting needs of people who love the thrill of betting shops. Nonetheless, there’s still a lot of work to be done to achieve its dreams of bridging online and offline betting.

While the concentration of physical outlets means ease of access, a large online market goes untapped. However, the latter is full of a vibrant and sports-loving generation in an ever-increasing digital age. Thus, the time is ripe for megasportsworld betting to increase its online access if it’s to stay relevant in future. Regardless of its shortcomings, megasportsworld is widely loved and remains one of the top sportsbooks in the Philippines.


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