Meet Joseph Pichanadu Who Invented Many People-Friendly Gadgets from Decades in India

India is a country where you find creative people who invent low-cost and innovative devices, generally called ‘Jugaad,’ to fulfill their day-to-day requirements.  

In a move to help people living in remote areas in India, Joseph Pichanadu, a former government employee from Kothamangalam in Kerala, has been inventing people-friendly gadgets for decades.  

Generally, people at his age would become relaxed and enjoy retirement life. On the contrary, he had a mission to help people by way of inventing social gadgets that helps people in improving their lifestyle.   

His first invention, a concrete-cement printing press which was built in the 1970s, and subsequently after a few years, he was on a steady roll, constantly building machines and equipment.  

He has invented a crutch, which could be converted into a chair, a seat-cum-bed for cerebral palsy children and many more. 

Honey-Processing Machine

  The next device, ‘honey-processing machine’ is a low cost device that helps farmers to prepare and store honey. The farmer and agriculture fraternity in Indian state Kerala have appreciated it.  

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Joseph Pichanadu with Honey-Processing Machine (Image credit: New Indian Express)  

The farmers in the region had one issue of storing honey for long periods of time, which made Joseph think about the honey-processing machines. He plans to sell this machine to people at merely Rs. 25,000.  

The device uses steam instead of water where honey is boiled at optimal temperatures.   

It has a temperature-recording instrument that allows farmers to monitor the heat inside the device. Honey is processed in several boilers and finally extracted into a bottle.  

According to Joseph, the machine will allow farmers to process honey using the right amount of heat and water, a very important method that needs to be followed if honey needs to be stored for a given period.  

Filter-Cum-Controller 5-in-1

  This filtration device helps people to get clean water in remote areas. It fits in almost all-household rainwater harvesting tanks.  

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Filter-Cum-Controller 5-in-1 (Image credit: New Indian Express)  

“Most often, people procrastinate cleaning their water tanks because of the difficulties involved in the procedure. Finding a laborer to clean the tank is quite difficult in this day and time. Also, one would have to get down into the tank to clear it. The filter, if fitted on the neck of the tank can easily solve the problem,” Joseph says, as reported by New Indian Express.   

Inventions of such social devices are needed of the hour to help poor people living in remote areas. Joseph has done a fantastic humanitarian act with many people-friendly inventions in India.   

Salute to Joseph Pichanadu!


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