Are Medical coders in high demand

A back office is the heart and soul of any organization. When this comes to the health industry, it is even more important as record keeping and medical coding are vital in this industry.  Medical coders are certainly in very high demand with absolutely low stakes for those who work in this field.

Without much ado let us find out the reasons why medical coders are potentially and currently in high demand.

  • The increasing awareness about health-related issues:  The growth in the medical procedures and tests that every individual is doing, irrespective of the age factor is likely to increase the demand for medical coders.  Also, even statistically, the number of aging people is high and hence, the need for medical coders is now manifold.  The more the medical procedures, the more patient history needs to be filed. A medical coder helps to keep a check on any mistakes in these, hence, there is always a shortage of professional coders, leading to great demand.
  • Galloping Industry: The healthcare industry has observed maximum evolution in very little time and hence we can call it a galloping industry. It is believed that by 2026 there will be a significant 13% increase in this industry, which is faster than many others. So you will be a part of this rapidly moving industry and will be dealing with patients and saving lives. So if you enter this field, you will certainly be no short of employers and an upscale career.
  • Short term education and long term career: If you are looking for an opportunity that is gratifying, then look for medical coding course for yourself. With a variety of courses available, you can opt for the shortest duration course, as short as 2 to 3 months and get a satisfactory job that will give you a chance to explore employers and earn a good amount of money. No other professional degree is needed and you can be someone who will begin to earn as soon as the course is over. Besides, you also do not need any medical course backing or a professional degree in the medical field which is a plus as you will be working as a coder. The rest you will learn on the job!
  • Work Remotely: With women and men who wish to work from the comfort of your home, this job as a medical coder is very satisfying, financially and mentally. You get the comfort of the home, and if you have children to manage, then this is definitely a boon wherein you do not have to forego a career after becoming a parent and your children are under your safe supervision.  Financially,  salary medical coding provides is certainly at par with the industry standards where your earning largely depends upon the number of hours you invest in the work.  The minimum salary provided is 143 Rs. per hour. 

Transitioning from ICO 9 to ICO 10: This transition has led to cross-talking and has created a requirement of medical coders. As the already employed medical coders could not very quickly adapt to the ICO 10 transition,  this has led to lots of hiring of medical coders and a shortage too. With medical coding course eligibility as 12th pass out, you stand a wonderful chance alongside studying and managing your finances as well.  

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