How To Match a Perfect Tie With Your Suits?

How To Match a Perfect Tie With Your Suits?

A true gentleman is the one who is well-spoken and well-dressed. Along with good manners, his outfit also needs to be top-notch. Fashion is all about experimenting with whatever clothing you already have in the wardrobe. It includes transforming casual wears into something formal and vice versa. One thing that every man must know is how to style formal outfits. From the perfect watch to the matching tie, everything has to be appealing.

While pairing up the ties with formal shirts and suits, you must keep even the little things in mind. A polka dot tie suits best with plain and crispy formal shirts. However, for the plain ties, you would need a patterned or checked shirt. The art of wearing formals appropriately is not something that comes overnight. You must keep working upon the clothing for ever official meeting.

Keep reading to know the basic hacks which help you select the perfect tie for every kind of suit.

Begin With Monochrome Formal Vibes

When you start experimenting with your formal outfits, try going monochromatic with it. In the beginning, you can’t master the contrasting color game. But, what you can surely do is keep it plain and simple. Always buy the suit first and then go for tie shopping. That way, you can grab your favorite suits and pair the ties accordingly.

Further, match the color of your tie with that of the suit. The monochrome game is highly facile and saves precious time. Also, it makes you look put together and ready for every formal event, be it meetings or presentations.

Embrace your comfort zone and grab a similar tie matching your suits. Also, don’t forget to match the attire with some classy accessories.

Go Analogous With Your Tie Game

While styling your formals, all you need is dedication and a bit of creativity. After pulling off the monochrome game correctly, you would need a little change. The next step on your journey towards mastering the formal attire involves going analogous with the colors. It means choosing the colors that are adjacent to your shirt color in the palette. If you’re wearing a light tone of blue, choose the tie that reflects some purplish shade. Not only will this accentuate your attire, but it also provides the much-needed transformation.

Another example includes pairing up a red-colored tie with purple or bluish suits. Overall, the analogous outfits look extraordinarily classy and are suitable for every event.

Little Bit Of Contrast Wouldn’t Hurt


Next on the list is the most colorful option till now. While wearing casual clothes, we often try to contrast and play with the colors. The same applies to the masculine fashion game. All you need is a tie that contrasts with your suit. Now, how are you going to find the right contrast for your shirt or blazer?

The simplest way is by opting for the color that lies opposite to the suit’s shade on the color palette. With the blue suit, you can choose a tie that shows a hint of red or orange. For the suits that are towards greener shades, always grab the ties with purplish tones. One astonishing destination for satisfactory tie shopping without facing the crowd is

You must master the color game before moving on to the patterns and designs. Once you learn how to match the colors, the rest is easy to figure out. 

Time To Experiment With The Patterns

Once you’ve decided the right color for your tie, next comes the pattern. Choosing the right design for your tie is not as complicated as rocket science. All you need is a presence of mind and some creative essence. If you’re wearing a plain shirt, always go with a patterned tie. The kind of pattern depends on your suit and shirt combination. A few tie patterns that are evergreen are polka dots, repeating patterns, stripes or paisley. Striped ties look royal and make you appear like a gentleman within seconds. Also, never match the pattern of your shirt with your tie. Not only will it look weird, but it also makes the clothing appear haywire.

With a plain white shirt, you can wear either the polka dots or stripes without thinking much about the attire. However, if your shirt is patterned, go with ties that are solid and classy.

Decide The Fabric After Proper Analysis


You would be surprised to know that even the tie fabric can make your attire highly classy or bland. From silk fabrics to royal cashmere ones, you can grab absolutely any tie. Depending on the occasion, choose the right fabric for your ties. For a formal event that requires a sober attire, go with the luxurious silk ties. However, if it’s just another formal meeting, even the satin or polyester one would do the job. You can also consider the cashmere ties for luxurious formal parties.

The key to perfect formal attire emerges from the right color, pattern, and fabric. If everything is sorted beforehand, no one can stop you from being the showstopper of every meeting.

Retro Vibes With The Black & Whites


Lastly, what great enhance your formal attire is the retro look. You must be wondering how can a formal suit appear vintage and classy. The secret lies in opting for just black and white colors. All you need to do is grab a crisp white shirt and an elegant black suit. Move ahead and grab the right tie that is either solid black or patterned. For the patterns, you need something that has a black base with white patterns like dots or stripes. End the formal attire game with putting on every clothing piece.

Pair the outfit with a formal black watch and shiny black formal shoes. Appear like a vintage hero with this look and rock your official events.

Bottom Line

Formal outfits are something that every man has to look out for, now and then. Whether it’s an official meeting or a formal party, you are bound to put on the official attire. Even with the monotonous clothing, you can keep the fashion game secure with suitable tie options. All you need to do is match the tie with your outfit. From dotted ties to striped ones, everything looks perfect on plain shirts. However, if it’s a patterned shirt, try and keep the tie plain and straightforward.

You must create balance in your life as well as your formal outfits. In the end, be the showstopper of every meeting with the clothes as well as manners.

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