Massivit 3D of Israel Invented a technology which makes possible for large scale 3D Printing

3D printers are often associated with small, high-value, low-volume items. Since 1980s 3D printing has continually challenged the boundaries of what is possible – and how large a 3D printer can print. 

Learn how Israel is revolutionizing large-scale 3D printing, in technology that may one day rapidly print airplane parts. The field of 3D printing has taken the world by storm but is still relatively new, and perhaps unsurprisingly Israelis are leading the way in pioneering the future of this exciting technology.

Israeli start-up Massivit 3D Printing Technologies, a technology company based in Lod, Israel, has developed a technology that could bring statues and eye-catching point-of-sales displays to many locations, including supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, concert venues, movie theaters and trade shows.
Arutz Sheva got the chance to talk with Yair Zadik, chairman of Massivit 3D which has revolutionized 3D printing and taken it to massive scales previously unknown, thanks to patented revolutionary techniques.
Massivit 3D’s machines are able to print much larger format items, with higher speeds than are being seen these days. Relative to existing equipment, Massivit 3D’s prints have a lower production cost.

Image credit: Massivit 3D
Massivit 3D’s machine utilize several techniques, such as printing the ‘shell’ only, with uniquely developed Smart Supports which are based on its unique material properties and unique algorithms, , developed to provide the appropriate properties demanded for the creation of advertising, theming & decorative objects. Zadik explained that going large is a natural progression for 3D printing, in the same way that digital 2D printing began introducing wide-scale printing to the point where it was possible to print on houses.
The Giant and Fast 3D Printer (Video source: Arutz Sheva TV)

Thanks to its unique gel-based materials that solidify instantaneously in UV light, Massivit 3D can use its rapid printing to create huge objects, and its services are already sought in publications, modeling and public relations applications.
What’s next? According to Zadik, the technology will be used to create chairs and other engineering-related creations, and in the near future it will even be used to produce large portions of vehicle and even airplanes, bringing science fiction to life.
Launch of the new Massivit 1800 printer (Video credit: Massivit 3D)

Massivit 3D uses a special Gel Dispensed Printing (GDP), which is unique among 3D printing companies. This large-scale rapid printing can allow the production of a sculpture of a full-sized human being in just five hours, and the printer can simultaneously be printing another object in parallel.
The first Massivit 1800 has already been installed at E.S. Digital in Israel, a company specializing in wide format digital printing, visual merchandising, point of sale (POS) branding and signage. E.S. Digital’s CEO, Eyal Shemesh, has great plans for the Massivit 1800: “We can now offer our customers more ways to grab attention, call for engagement and make their marketing campaigns attractive and entertaining – we can add another dimension to marketing.” (source: Israelnationalnews)


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