Make Your Startup Visible: Self-Promotion Tips

You can have the best business idea ever, the most talented people working on making your startup successful, relentless determination and experience in your area of work, but all that will be in vain if you are not noticed by the audience and potential customers.   

Investing a lot of money in hiring marketing experts may be too expensive for a new business and some traditional marketing methods, such as TV advertisements are quite obsolete. What can you do in that case? Well, you can always take a DIY route.   

However, without proper preparation, guidance and tips, self-promotion can be a dangerous road to take. These tips are here to prevent any unwanted outcomes, and ensure your startup’s survival.  

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Set up a website  

While this is quite an obvious step to take, not all startups take it as seriously as they should. Your business’s website shouldn’t be only a glorified brochure. It should provide every bit of information your customers might want and present the true image of your company.   

A good website will have a carefully thought-out domain name, it will be easy to navigate and it will be optimized for mobile use.  

Write quality content  

Did you know that 70% of internet users prefer to get information about a company via articles rather than ads? This means that consumers are actually more interested in people behind your startup, your opinion on relevant industry topics and useful tips you can give them.   

That’s why it is important to have quality content which will be relevant independently of your product and make you more trustworthy and reliable. This doesn’t have to necessarily lead to a purchase, but it can.  

Don’t limit your content to your blog alone  

Guest blogging on relevant blogs that already have an established follower base can draw more attention to your business and help you form a future cooperation with the bloggers in question. Also, they can write articles for your blog and thus make your content more diverse and relevant – a win-win situation.  

Use social media  

Millennials are probably the largest group of internet users, and, according to some reports, they are nearly 250% more likely to be influenced by social networking sites than any other ad or opinion. And this is an information you should take maximum advantage of.   

Create accounts on leading social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and play by the rules of each of them. Post frequently, and make sure your content is interesting and, preferably, followed by an image, video or infographic.  

Get personal  

Even though traditional marketing methods are somewhat extinct, people still love getting tangible gifts in the form of promotional products. Such actions are considered to be even more effective if you add the element of personalization.   

For example, while a simple free notebook is a good gift, a promotional personalised calendars will have a stronger impact.  

Be creative and authentic  

Regardless of the marketing method you are using you need to make your work and your company stand out in the sea of similar businesses. Of course, this can be done by pointing out the differences between your product and your competition’s work, but you should also make the very marketing message different. Think guerilla tactics, loyalty programs, giveaways, participation in volunteering actions or charity events…  

Build up your network (on time)  

Building up a network may be the last one on this list, but it is definitely something you should do early on if you want to avoid becoming a boring spam.   

If you clutter people with information and ads about your new project the moment it comes out, it will seem like your only intention is to sell something, and they will, naturally, build up a wall to protect themselves from such spams. However, if you start building your network early on, your followers won’t discard articles, Tweets, emails and similar notifications about your work.  

Finally, the most important thing about self-promotion is to be as good as you say you are. Don’t try to lie to your customers because sooner or later they will find out, and bad impressions travel much faster than you might think.

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