How to Make Your Flooring Environmentally Friendly

Having a green home isn’t only about the impact we make on the environment. It’s also a life choice and an aesthetic choice, which determines how your home will look like and how it will be used.
The biggest piece of real estate within your home is probably the floors, and they usually get forgotten when it comes to remodeling. However, with the right choice of materials and the right construction techniques, the floors too could be re-made in an environmentally friendly manner.
You should look for the materials that are renewable, recyclable and don’t add a lot to your carbon footprint. That also means that you should try to buy locally.
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Linoleum is easy to find and deliver, which makes it both cheap and convenient. Its production doesn’t have a significant negative impact on the environment and it’s usually produced and stored locally, which means that you won’t be adding much to your carbon footprint by introducing it into your home. 
These floors are very renewable and they usually last for up to 40 years if maintained properly. This basically means that you only need to install them once and if you decide on making a change in the future, you could easily find ways to recycle the linoleum and get some money back in the process. 
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Wool carpets

Wool carpets are another green option that’s also great looking and works well with almost any home design. It’s 100 percent natural and completely renewable and recyclable. Experts say that they are also easier to clean than the synthetic-fiber ones, and you could choose the style and color you want as well.
Carpets, in general, re an energy-efficient flooring option. They make the room much more comfortable during the winter and thus reduce the need for heating. It’s a more cost-effective option, but it’s also a way to conserve energy and cut down on your part of pollution.


Concrete is a modern looking flooring option and it would work well with an industrial look, although with concrete floor paint, you could make it a part of any room design. It’s environmentally friendly because it’s easy to install and once you do it, it will last forever without any repairs needed. 
If you have an existing concrete subfloor, there really won’t be that much material needed or that much time wasted on installation. It’s also completely allergen-proof which means that it limits the amount of chemicals you would have to use later on in order to keep your home clean.
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Recycled glass

It may not sound like the most comfortable floor option out there, but tiles made of recycled glass are among the most popular flooring options lately. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which means that they look modern and hip, but they also fit very well with a more traditional design if you choose the right form.
These tiles could be manufactured locally and they are made of recycled materials. After you install them, there’s absolutely no need for any maintenances except for cleaning. You’ll also be doing your community a service by keeping glass out of landfills.


Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular in construction. Hardwood floors made of bamboo look elegant and simple and fit well with the modern and open design. They don’t need to be maintained in any way except for cleaning, and the floors are easily repaired in case there’s a scratch or any other mark.
It’s true that you need to import bamboo, which means that you’ll need to burn a lot of gas to make these floors, but the bamboo plant itself doesn’t need to be cut down in order to make bamboo planks. This makes the material completely renewable.
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Flooring could be made of green materials, which would help you maintain an eco-friendly home. It’s also a great aesthetic choice since green materials could be used for almost any design or décor.

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