9 Tricks To Keep Your Bulldog Happy

9 Tricks To Keep Your Bulldog Happy
Who doesn’t want their dog to be happy? Seeing your bulldog gleeful is one of the best things you can hope for. Their health and happiness are just as important as ours.

Their pup’s droopy face is so irresistible, that you won’t think twice before giving them the world.

But, at the end of the day, you know it’s worth it. I mean who doesn’t want to come home to such a cutie who takes all your stress away? I know I do.

Thus, they deserve some special love. We are providing 9 simple and easy tricks to keep your bulldog happy.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks:

1. Walks Are Important

Believe it or not, dogs need fresh air too. You might just to chill at home on a sunny afternoon. But, your dog would possibly want to take a walk and be a little closer to Mother Nature.

Due to their sensitive bones and joints, some regular physical exercise is also important.

Keeping your bulldog fit and active is your responsibility. Take them to the nearest vet to find out what sort of exercises work best for them. So, go on a walk, enjoy the breeze, throw some Frisbees and have fun with your precious!

2. Cleanliness Is Key

Your bulldog’s face may get caked with dirt and sweat from having too much fun. Make sure to clean and keep that face sweat free.

Overlooking this minor detail may lead to bacterial infections. It’s important you keep those creases dry. Remember, a clean creased bulldog is a healthy and content bulldog!

3. Teach Them Tricks

Although bulldogs tend to be stubborn, they still like to learn new things. Teaching them tricks can be fiddly and trying. Yet, when they finally do learn those nifty tricks, make sure to keep them entertained with a treat or two. Trust me, it’s worth it.

4. Mix and Mingle

Just like us humans, dogs too need a meet and greet with other dogs. Having dog play dates will be a cool way to gain both of you some new friends.

Plan a day for a walk in the park. Bring some toys around and let him run around with other dogs. This benefits your bulldog both mentally and physically.

Having the chance to mingle with other dogs gives them a chance to be outdoors and happy.

5. Toys! Toys! Toys!

This breed of dogs loves toys. My bulldog loves to chew toys and he can’t seem to get enough of it.

That being said, they also get bored of it. These dogs constantly need to be entertained.

Experiment and see which toy suits best for your bulldog. There many different types of toys, all categorized by age and sizes. Not to mention, different colors and sounds as well. So, take your bully to the pet store and get them those toys ASAP!

6. Time for Some Love

This trick shouldn’t even be a trick but here we are. Show your droopy faced pup some love. Cuddles and back scratches go a long way.

I know, it’s already too hard to not cuddle with him. I mean come on, that face is irresistible! So, don’t shy away from being a little extra mushy.

And it’s not just bulldogs that deserve some special love and affection, it’s every breed of dogs that need to be loved and cared for.

7. Try New Stuff

Going out for a walk may get tedious after a while. Like I said before, these dogs need to be entertained. It’s time to introduce some new activities in his life.

Play fetch. Test his strength with a match of who can tug the longest. Bamboozle him with a game of hiding and seek. You’ll both get a kick out of it.

It’s important to keep things interesting in your bulldog’s life. This will also keep you invested and fit.

8. Groom and Pamper Them!

They might fool you at first with their mulishness, but in time you’ll learn that they secretly love being groomed.

Cleaning and grooming go a long way. Keep their nails clipped, their ears cleaned and their furs scrubbed. Cleaning their eyes and creases are just as essential.

9. Food Habits

Bulldogs are known to have a particular digestive system. Be careful before you decide on a diet plan for them. It’s wise to consult a vet before you decide as your bulldogs may some uninformed allergies.

Being careful will obviously benefit both of you. Read up and research online about what kind of diets and the type of foods that would work perfectly for your bulldog.

Final Thoughts

The goal of this article is to help you keep your bulldog happy and healthy. A small amount of your attention and time will do wonders for your pup. So, shower them with your love and they will do the same.


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