Effectively Maintain Ducted Heating And Cooling Systems With These Tips

We live in a world of high-end technology that has made our living not only easier but comfortable as well. Gone are the days when humans had to adapt to the changes in the climate. Whether it was extreme summers or winters or the mix of both, past life was quite struggling. Well, thanks to the scientific development that has retained our comfort zone irrespective of the weather changes. Now, we can sit and relax at the comfy sofas with efficient air conditioning solution.

There is an array of features in ducted heating and cooling systems which allows one to enjoy much more than mere cooling or heating. You can efficiently control the air temperature, its quality to a great extent. Although these have provided us with enough comfort, we have started taking it as granted. We often forget about its maintenance and care which takes a toll on the efficacy of such systems.

Take a look at the working of ducted heating and cooling systems:

Before we move ahead, it is highly important to know how the ducted heating and cooling work.

  • The basic system is comprised of three essential parts, viz, source of warm or cool air, the control unit for regulating such systems and the distribution of hot or cold air throughout the house.

  • Both the ducted heating and cooling conditioners work on one basic principle that is heat flows from warm to cooler areas. There are different ducts for warm and cold air. However, if any mishaps occur, one should consult a professionalised technician.

  • Reverse cycle technology is used for heating and cooling the surface. This technique is used in almost all kinds of ducted heating and cooling systems, split conditioners and many more.

Few things that should be attended periodically for better functioning:

 Few things should function appropriately for the efficient functioning of the ducted heating and cooling. The things include-

  • Filters: filters trap the dust from entering the coils and condenser of the air conditioners. It is always advised to clean the filters regularly so that major defects can be minimised to a great extent. If it remains unattended for a long time, it might obstruct the normal flow of air and may prevent the coils from absorbing the hot or cold air.

  • Coils: the evaporator and condenser coils of ducted heating and cooling also collects dust after a few months or even years. If the filter is cleaned, it would prevent frequent soiling of the coils. Such dirt accumulation reduces the flow of air and heat-absorbing capacity. Roof areas where the main central unit is installed should be cleaned to avoid an accumulation of debris, dried leaves and many more.

  • Fins and condensate drain: the aluminium fins that are present in the coils get bends easily restricting the flow of air. Fin comb should be used for bringing the fins back to the normal position. One should pass a stiff wire through the drain channels regularly to remove any kind of clogging.

Despite your efficient care and maintenance, if the issues are prominent you need to consult a professional. Regular servicing of ducted air conditioners should be done so that it works seamlessly without any defaults. If there are severe damages in the filters, coils or fins, it can be changed within the time. Unattended parts or defects might add force on operating the central conditioners thereby increasing the energy bills. Hence, consult the technician regularly so that defaults are minimised to a great extent. Choose the right professional who can genuinely focus  on the repair of the conditioning systems and fix it out within the given time.

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