Looking for a New Way to Control Your Devices? Use GESTOR – An Air Mouse, Presenter, Smart TV Scroller

A Canadian startup has designed a new UI for computers, tablets and anything that has a screen called as ‘GESTOR’. Gestor is a cool looking air mouse with touch ring buttons. If you rotate it in your hands, it scrolls the content on your screen!

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Image source: Kickstarter

More than just an air mouse… Gestor is great for client presentations and will work with laptop, tablet, boardroom or home computer. Scroll and navigate easily and quickly. This isn’t just an idea for an invention or a prototype… it really works!
How does it work?
It is an air computer mouse as it doesn’t use any surface to operate. Just pick it up, touch the first, lower control ring with any of your fingers, it becomes operational, and you can move a cursor on your computer screen by tilting Gestor up or down, back and forth. You can use it with any computer and any device that supports a traditional USB mouse. It’s powered by one AAA battery, which will last several months of regular usage. 

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When conventional air mouse is tilted, the horizon “is lost” and such tilt is considered “a bad thing” for mouse operation. In Gestor, the tilting is possible! The tilting or rotating the air mouse is a good thing as it uses for scrolling or zooming the screen content. 

Gestor has three “rings” that are touch sensitive. The lower ring or control ring is the equivalent of “turn on/off” button. When it is touched by any of the fingers, Gestor is awake and operational. When it is not touched, Gestor is asleep.
Basic operation of the Gestor as a mouse – simply touch the lower control ring with your index finger to activate the device, then tilt the Gestor side to side to move from side to side, tilt Gestor up to move up and down to move down. Rotating Gestor enables you to smoothly scroll up and down, or zoom in and out, depending on the application. You don’t need to point Gestor to a screen, just visually align a cursor on the screen with your hand and use Gestor the way most suited for your current body position.
Source: Kickstarter
The buttons can be re-assigned in the Gestor driver settings, available for both Mac OS and Windows operation systems. All Gestors come with an USB stick. The USB stick is preconfigured and paired with each Gestor. When you plug in the USB gestor stick, the computer or other media interface accepts it as a conventional, wired mouse. There is no need to configure gestor to work with your computer Bluetooth interface. The gestor is connected via BT with the USB stick, and the USB stick works like a wired mouse. 
You can support the crowdfunding campaign for GESTOR at Kickstarter. It’s raised over $17,000 of a $55,000 funding goal, and has 32 days to go!

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