Living in a Quantum World

We all grew up in a world governed by levers and pulleys, force and friction, but inside all these actions was the hidden hand of Quantum energy.   

Yes, energy! The Quantum Forces of electromagnetism, gravity, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force are energy. Up is up because of Quantum energy of gravity and light is light because of the Quantum energy of electromagnetism.   

In explaining Infinity SAV USA’s electric generator powered solely by magnets I was led to recognize what all of us already know. Energy naturally flows from the greater store in the Quantum Field to the lesser store in the Physical Field.   


  Sunlight is Quantum energy that heats the earth and is converted to electricity when it strikes a solar cell or turns a windmill.   

When Gravity changes the course of a meteorite toward the Earth, it does work and transfers energy from the Quantum Field to the Physical Field.   

When radioactive material gives off a particle that strikes other particles and creates heat or when a particle strikes X-ray film and leaves an image, it does work and transfers energy from the Quantum Field to the Physical Field.   

This is important because in relative terms, Quantum energy is unlimited and available everywhere, anytime.  

Gary Tripp has proposed the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics, which states that “Quantum energy can flow from the Quantum Field to the Physical Field, but not the reverse.”   

We know magnets are caused by the “Quantum mechanical spin” of unpaired electrons. We believe that in the right mechanical configuration, magnets will transfer energy from the Quantum Field to Physical spin to electricity.   

Infinity SAV USA generator is powered by permanent magnets and uses coils of copper wire to transfer the Quantum energy into electricity.   

When a magnet approaches a coil of copper wire, it induces a like polarity in the coil, North induces North, and North repels North. This repulsive force causes the generator rotor to spin and create electricity.   

Magnets are transferring energy from the Quantum Field to the Physical Field just like sunlight transfers energy from the Quantum Field to the Physical Field when it strikes a solar cell.   

The Law of Conservation of Energy does apply. Magnets are not creating energy, they are just transferring energy from the Quantum Field to the Physical Field.   Imagine an endless supply of clean cheap energy. Imagine endless clean water produced by desalinating the oceans and pumping water anywhere it is needed.

The difference between sewage and clean water is energy.   

The difference between garbage and raw materials is energy. The difference between air pollution and clean air is cheap, clean, nonpolluting energy. And, those polluted industrial sites will be more valuable when cheap clean energy can be used to remediate the damage done in the “bad old days.”


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