How to Live A Fancy And Luxury Lifestyle Without Spending a Fortune

Living luxuriously is often a sign that you’re born in wealth and privileged, or that you’ve worked hard to earn your money and afford such a lifestyle.

But, if you’re a bit resourceful, it’s possible to live luxuriously without actually spending much. This is a skill that requires discipline and patience, but once you master it, you’ll feel amazing knowing that all the luxury amenities are yours to take. So here are some tips and tricks that will help you how to create the lifestyle of your dreams, without spending a lot.

1. Get a job in a high-demanding career field

This is a great way to live a fancy life without spending a fortune because you’d be surrounded by people who are affluent, which means they’ll be able and willing to share the perks from time to time. But also, just the fact that you’re in a particular industry will give you access to all the luxuries. For example, careers in fashion, travel, wine industry, and art dealership are all in high demand simply due to so many opportunities that might arise from working there.

2. Become an influencer or a product tester

Influencers live luxuriously, and that is often thanks to paid partnerships they have with different hotels and exclusive resorts. Sure, building your online brand and gaining enough followers can take time, but once you succeed, you’ll be able to enjoy all the luxuries such as lavish trips, expensive clothes, and all the free stuff that you can imagine! Brands will send you free items such as cosmetics, food, and anything else under the sun to test and endorse on your social media profiles. That’s the true definition of a luxurious lifestyle.

Now if influencing isn’t your thing, then you can simply become a product tester because in that case, brands will send you the latest things to try out. That can include the latest gadgets and luxury cosmetics.

3. Invest in traveling

Traveling is the only thing you spend money on that in return will make you richer. And that’s the definitive truth because traveling regularly is the sure indicator of wealth and luxury. Sure, you might be dreaming about visiting exotic islands and European capitals, but if you’re in North America, that’s still amazing, because there are many gorgeous adventure tours & activities in the USA that will enrich you as a person on a whole different level. Feel free to choose a destination that you can afford because being well-traveled means you have a lot of experiences to share, which is also a sense of luxury in itself.

4. Prioritize renting over purchasing

Whenever there’s luxury mentioned, the majority of people will imagine ownership rather than simply enjoying certain things. But did you know that it’s possible to actually enjoy things and experiences without directly committing to purchasing? That’s renting should be your priority if you cannot afford things for yourself. Therefore, next time you plan to attend a fancy event, it’s better to simply rent a designer gown rather than max out your credit card. The same goes for limo rides and all other experiences that cost a lot. Renting something for a specific period of time for a tiny fraction of the full cost will help you achieve some luxury without paying much.

5. Thrift shop for designer clothes

A lot of expensive things can be found in thrift stores and specialized websites that sell these types of couture. So if you really need a Chanel purse, it’s best to buy it second-hand from a reliable seller than to opt for a dubious fake that can be spotted from miles away. Also, if you cannot afford second-hand luxury goods, then feel free to opt for quality lookalikes that will make you look rich without cheapening anything about you.

6. Educate yourself

Sure, investing in yourself might not seem like an ideal shortcut, but it surely is a great way to seem more sophisticated and elegant. After all, you tend to attract what you are. Therefore, make sure to watch and consume sophisticated and classic movies, books, and art, and if possible attend events that revolve around this type of content. Art exhibitions, upscale book clubs, and theatre plays are only some of the events that will make you feel more sophisticated and smarter. And what’s even better, learning about different topics can be free, because library memberships often cost very little.


Living the life of luxury can be tricky if you’re not born into wealth. However, with these tips, it’s possible to enjoy some luxury without actually spending a fortune. Sure, investing in yourself is the best way to upgrade your life prospects, as you’ll feel more confident and intelligent, which will also attract better opportunities that will make you more affluent in the long run.

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