LinkSquare Portable Spectrometer SDK – A New Way to Fight Counterfeits

Counterfeits and fraud are on the rise around the world in everything from food to medications to cosmetics.   

One start-up out of Stanford University, Stratio, Inc., has created a new product to help companies, government agencies, and consumers detect dangerous, fraudulent products.  

LinkSquare: Introduction

The device, LinkSquare is a handheld spectrometer that captures data on how an object responds to different wavelengths of light.   


Images credit: LinkSquare  

The data can be thought of as a “spectral fingerprint”. Similar to a human fingerprint, it is unique to each object and can be compared with data gathered from other objects to confirm or refute the object’s identity.  

Stratio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the LinkSquare software development kit (SDK), runs through June 8th, 2017. The product is available for over 40% off retail; free international shipping is also available upon request.  

It comes with one LinkSquare spectrometer and software needed to collect spectral data. Developers can use the spectral fingerprints to create apps that authenticate things like medications or foods.   

Those in research or education can also use LinkSquare SDK in their studies and lesson plans.   

While LinkSquare SDK does not come with completed apps, the company dreams of creating an app store in conjunction with developers.  

One of the most satisfying things about the technology, according to Stratio’s CEO, Jae Hyung Lee, is the diversity of uses for LinkSquare SDK.  

He notes, “We receive emails on a daily basis from people who want to experiment with LinkSquare in fields from archaeology to agriculture to fraud prevention.”


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