Link Building or Technical SEO: Which Is More Important to Gain Traffic

Technical SEO involves various other practices in order for it to deliver results. One of these processes happens to be link building. The argument between on-page SEO and link building has no real end. This is because they are two forms of marketing that complement each other. Any company looking for rapid performance boosts must leverage the power of both SEO and link building. 

Even though the definitions are understood, the question at hand is yet to be answered. At the end of the day, companies have to make the decision between what percentage of their budget they will allocate for which form of marketing. Different amounts of link building and on-page SEO work for different companies. 

Finding an SEO company is also a great way to build your strategy by trained professionals that understand what the industry requires. Once you have identified your use cases and established your business goals, you will be able to make a well-thought-out decision about what your SEO campaign should look like and how much of it focuses on link building. 

What Exactly Is Technical SEO?

Technical or on-page SEO is the part of SEO that lies within your main webpages. This includes the content, keywords, title tags and crawl architecture. This is a more organic and slow approach towards optimising your website and can be supported by other marketing strategies like link building and PPC. Anything that a company can control without accessing the source code of the website is considered as technical SEO. 

How to Develop a Good SEO Strategy under Technical SEO?

It is important to understand that link building is absolutely useless without an SEO strategy. It exists as a way to speed up the growth and increase the traffic generated by your existing SEO campaign.

To begin with, every SEO campaign should start with an audit and a keyword map. This is because the entire basis of search engine optimisation is to ensure that the user experience of your website is better than the competition.

This gives search engines like Google reassurance and an incentive to direct users towards your content. Google wants to ensure that its users are satisfied by their results and keep coming back. 

Following a technical inspection and a UI/UX reiteration, your next step should be to focus on the content of your website. Once your content is optimised using keywords with high conversion rates and well-worded advertisements, your website becomes easier to find and index for Google. A good SEO agency in Mumbai can help with a technical audit of your website. Organic link building can also be done if your content is of good quality. Users must feel enticed by your content.

Failing to do this will result in having to spend more money on advertising your mediocre content while also reducing the number of quality links that your website can collect. 

Finally, after your site is optimised, it makes sense to move on to link building. Ensure that your website has multiple quality links that point back to it. This is a way for Google to understand that your website is of interest to the users in your domain.

A strong network of links can make your website climb to the top of the results page. Link building gives your company a mark of authenticity and value. Keeping the content strong will accelerate link building performance and ensure that the users acquired are also retained. 

What Is the Perfect Combination?

A 50/50 mix is arguably the answer to what constitutes the perfect winning mix of link building and technical SEO. The problem with this way of handling your digital marketing is that it is like leaving your configuration on zero. The major advantage of SEO and other forms of online marketing is that users have various options to customise how their campaign should look.

A 50/50 scenario is like leaving your ship on autopilot. Although it is not a bad idea, it is not the “perfect” mantra that can maximise your results. The perfect combination is always dynamic, it always depends on the nature of your business and the marketing goals that you have set for your company. 

In conclusion, this argument is very arbitrary and there is no better option between the two. Technical SEO and link building are both equally important and must be used in harmony.

Depending on your marketing goals, the amount of link building required for your business will change. Identifying the right amount of link building along with having a very strong on-page SEO strategy is the best way to ensure that your site performs well in the long-term.

SEO is always the foundation for any other marketing efforts. If all else fails, your campaign should still be able to stand strong on the performance of your technical SEO.

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