How to take care of Limestone Worktops?

Limestone worktops are very popular in the U.K for their soothing appearance and texture. Travertine, which is another form of limestone, is also widely used as worktops and flooring materials. Their sheer attractiveness and heat resistance make them ideal for kitchen worktops.   

Traditionally, limestone has been used in several magnificent buildings and architectural monuments including the Taj Mahal in India, the Pyramids of Egypt, and the Houses of Parliament in London.   

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Limestone Worktop (Img Src: Surrey Marble and granite)  

Installing a limestone or travertine worktop in your home involves a considerable amount of money. In order to ensure that your worktop continues to charm you with its brilliant finesse and longevity, you would need to take care of it. Limestone is basically a soft stone and can get easily scratched. The ones that are lighter in shade may be susceptible to getting stains as these stones are more porous when compared to granites and marbles.

Here are a few limestone worktops maintenance tips for U.K households:  

Protection from stains & discoloration  

Liquids get easily absorbed by limestone. Anything acidic in nature such as lemon juice or black tea or coffee can penetrate deep into a limestone resulting in stains and discoloration. This can be prevented with the help of professional sealing. It is advisable to use water-based sealants at least once every year for maximum protection against stains. Some people also use a special variety of cleaning sprays with sealing properties on a weekly or monthly basis.   

Additionally, you would also need to be cautious while working on limestone or travertine worktops. Any spills must be immediately wiped off. You may remove the stains using a poultice available in stores. Some people prefer making it at home using flour and 2-3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.   

Protection from scratches  

It is best to avoid using anything that is sharp on limestone countertops. For instance, use chopping boards when working with knives. Place utensils that are sharp-edged on mats or trivets. The daily wear and tear may still cause scratches on the limestone work surfaces. You may use some polishing compounds available in the market to smooth out the scratches on the surface.   

Effective cleaning regime  

As these worktops are meant for daily use, it is important to follow a regular cleaning regime to maintain elegance and beauty of these worktops. Traditional alkaline-based kitchen cleaners are not suitable for limestone or travertine worktops.

Acidic-based products or detergents are also a complete ‘no’. Only neutral or mildly alkaline-based cleaners work best on these worktops. Also, make sure that you use a soft rag or washcloth to clean the surface in order to avoid any scratches.   

These simple tips can prove to be very effective in ensuring appropriate maintenance of your prized limestone worktops. Leading and reputed suppliers of limestone kitchen worktops in the U.K. offer a comprehensive customer service package that includes installation service and use and care training.

This training is meant to provide you the necessary knowledge so that you can take care of your worktops. 


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